Medicine and healthcare in Samoa: hospitals, medical insurance for a foreigner



Medicine and healthcare in Samoa: hospitals, medical insurance for a foreigner

Samoa is a small state located on two islands in the South Pacific Ocean. For a long time, this country was a colony of various empires, and only in 1962, it became independent. Despite the colonial position of Samoa, the metropolitan authorities have always paid considerable attention to the social development of the local population. including medical education. Currently, the population of the state is about 200 thousand people who can always seek medical help. In various cities, there is a sufficient number of hospitals, both public and private, where every person in need will be provided with qualified medical care. This applies to both local residents and foreign citizens.

General information about medicine in Samoa

Health care for Samoans is provided free of charge. The only exceptions are complex operations that cannot be performed on the territory of the state, and it becomes necessary to transport the patient to another country. Usually, patients are transported to Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

Foreigners visiting Samoa are strongly advised to purchase health insurance before traveling. It will cover the costs in case of unforeseen circumstances. In addition, it is recommended to be vaccinated against measles and other infectious diseases. However, before doing this, you need to consult a doctor.

Epidemiological situation

Samoa has a calm epidemiological situation. The government, represented by the Ministry of Health, is doing everything possible to prevent the spread of various infectious diseases. 95% of the population is vaccinated against major diseases, and 80% has access to clean drinking water.

The last wave of the measles epidemic occurred in 2019. Then the number of cases exceeded 5 thousand people, of which 72 were fatal. Most of them were children because they had not been previously vaccinated. As of 2022, measles vaccination is mandatory for all citizens of the country and visiting foreigners.

Hospitals in Samoa

Medical institutions are equipped with all the necessary equipment to provide both emergency medical care and subsequent treatment. The largest hospitals are the following institutions. Their addresses and contacts can be found on the Internet.

1. Tapua Tamases Meol Hospital.

2. Hospital District.

3. Poutasi District Hospital.

4. Saanapu District Hospital.

5. Tazivi Hospital.

6. Sataua District Hospital.

7. Safotu District Hospital.

8. Laloman District Hospital.

9. Leulumoega District Hospital.

10. Anoamaa District Hospital.

Most of the medical staff is educated at the Fiji School of Medicine. Some of the local doctors were trained in their profession in other countries. Mostly in Australia and New Zealand. The Government of Samoa is making every effort to ensure that medical personnel meets the modern requirements of the world development of medical science.

The same applies to medical equipment. State clinics and private centers have equipment that meets modern requirements.

Medical insurance for a foreigner

Health insurance and a measles vaccination certificate are required documents that must be presented when applying for a visa to cross the border into Samoa. Vaccination must be done in any medical institution after consulting with a doctor. When issuing a certificate, it is necessary to indicate that it must comply with international requirements.

As for health insurance, it can be purchased from an insurance company. The set of services covered by insurance directly depends on its cost, the client's health status, and the length of stay in Samoa. By contacting professional insurance agents, you can choose the option that best suits your needs.