How to go for treatment in Cuba: necessary documents, advice and features of medicine



How to go for treatment in Cuba: necessary documents, advice and features of medicine

Few people know, but it was in Cuba that vaccines for the treatment of hepatitis B, skin, and lung cancer were created, which still have no analogs in the world. And Liberty Island is ahead of the whole planet in microsurgery of eye diseases. But these are not all the advantages of treatment in this country. Today we will talk about what and how they treat in Cuba, how much it costs, and what documents need to be collected to go for treatment.
Medical tourism and treatment in Cuba are very popular because of:
1) High-quality and affordable medicine;
2) Leading technologies;
3) Treatment using unique drugs;
4) Good conditions in hospitals;
5) Possibility to combine rest with treatment or recovery.
Medicine in Cuba is one of the most profitable branches of the economy. Tourists from Great Britain, the USA, Canada, and other countries of the world come here for treatment.

The following fields of medicine are the most popular here:
1) Plastic surgery;
2) Neurology;
3) Oncology,
4) Treatment of skin diseases;
5) Microsurgery of eye diseases;
6) Cardiology;
7) Treatment of infertility and erectile dysfunction.
Joint replacement, dentistry, and plastic surgery are very popular among Europeans. It is on Liberty Island that diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo, and alopecia are successfully treated with original Cuban drugs.


Healthcare in the Republic of Cuba is affordable. For example: vision correction - 2,700 dollars, thighs liposuction - 3,600, prostate adenoma surgery - 14,500, facelift - 2,000.

How to get to Cuba for treatment?

To enter Cuba, you need a visa in the form of a card allowing you to cross the border. It can be issued at the Cuban Consulate in your country or online.
The following documents are required for this:
1) International passport;
2) Purchased air tickets;
3) Medical insurance policy;
4) International passport and child's birth certificate (if you arrive with a child).
As a rule, patients solve all treatment issues with a tourist visa. If the treatment has not yet been completed and the validity period is about to expire, you will be allowed to extend it by visiting the consulate or migration authority.

Medical resorts of the Republic of Cuba

The average life expectancy of Cubans is 76 years. This is facilitated by the climate, genetics, as well as excellent quality of health care treatment.
Cuba's mineral and thermal springs treat arthritis and skin diseases well, and climate therapy has a positive effect on the body, fighting tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases.
All medical resorts in the country are located in protected areas or the highlands. There are 3 largest medical resorts in this country:
1) Santiago de Cuba;
2) Cienfuegos;
3) Villa Clara.

The resort of Santiago de Cuba is located high in the mountains. Here, with the help of mineral springs, diseases of the respiratory tract, skin, rheumatism, and allergies are treated. It is a center of ecological tourism, which is equipped with the latest technology, and its waters contain calcium and sulfates.
At the resort, you can choose two-, three-, and four-star hotels for accommodation, there is a zoo, waterfalls, exotic plants, etc.
The resort of Cienfuegos is located by the sea, also in the highlands. It helps to get rid of arthritis, and skin diseases and heal the body. And the mountain air effectively treats diseases of the respiratory tract. Its thermal and mineral waters with high mineralization are also suitable for people suffering from diseases of the digestive organs, hemopoiesis, and orthopedic problems.
The healing resort of Villa Clara was founded a hundred years ago, and scientific studies have proven that its mineral springs have a positive effect on the human body. People come here to treat neurological, skin, and orthopedic diseases. One liter of Villa Clara water contains more than 50 grams of minerals that have a positive effect on the human body.