Medical treatment in Sweden: what you need to know about the treatment in the country



Medical treatment in Sweden: what you need to know about the treatment in the country

Sweden is a popular destination for medical tourism. The country has an advanced health care system, a high level of medicine, qualified doctors, and offers democratic prices for medical services. Many private medical institutions are adapted for foreign patients, and the medical staff speaks English perfectly. It is not difficult to get medical services in the country. You only need to plan your trip correctly, choose a medical institution, and follow the recommendations and the rules.

European Health Insurance Card. Read here how to get preferential medical care in the EU countries.

What you need to do to come to the country for medical care

If you plan to take treatment abroad, first you need to find the right medical institution. The hospital must be adapted to the admission of foreign patients, and the staff is fluent in English. It is also better to choose a private clinic, a medical center, or a hospital.

Among the main benefits of private medical institutions are:

higher level of medical services;

highly skilled doctors who use world practices in their work;

modern and innovative equipment;

a wide range of services;

lack of long queues.

You can search for a suitable hospital according to the advice of friends in Sweden, or you can browse the sites with a list of the best medical institutions in the country. Here are some Swedish hospitals, which are considered one of the best in the country:

Danderyds Hospital Stockholm Care;   

Karolinska University Hospital Solna;   

Citykliniken Halmstad Broigatan;   

Citykliniken Lund Clemenstorget;    

St. Erik’s Eye Hospital.   

Step-by-step instructions to prepare for the trip:

to get acquainted with the information of the medical institution, to check the reputation, responses, and qualifications of doctors;

choose procedures and services;

leave the application;

consult the doctor, as well as specify the details of treatment, transportation, costs, and further stay;

collect the necessary documents, including medical certificates on the results of the latest examinations, doctor's conclusions, history of diseases, etc.;

apply for a visa;

book tickets;

take care of the temporary residence in the country;

prepare the first-aid kit and medicines according to the recipe;

plan your trip back and forth in detail.

Citizens of European countries do not need a visa for a short-term visit to Sweden. Such tourists can enjoy the possibility of visa-free travel within the European Union.

Citizens of other countries should have the appropriate permission to enter Sweden. It is necessary to have a letter of invitation from the hospital and confirmation of treatment to get a medical visa. It is also very significant to get medical insurance. Medicine in the country is paid for by foreigners. Therefore, insurance not only will protect against risks but will cover part of the costs. We advise you to take a very responsible decision regarding the choice of plan. Take advantage of the services of proven and qualified specialists who will help you to choose reliable insurance for your needs.


Citizens of EU member states and some other countries may come to Sweden without a visa for medical treatment. However, in most cases, you need to obtain permission.

For entry to the country issued:

Short-term visa C, which allows to stay up to 90 days;

Long-term visa D, which gives the right to stay in the country for 90 and more.

For the most part, foreign patients can use a short-term medical visa. But if long-term treatment is envisaged, it is better to obtain a long-term permit immediately.

The medical visa allows tourists from third countries to undergo treatment and examination in Sweden. When applying, it may be necessary to confirm the anticipated treatment and the doctor's conclusion. The patient has the right to stay in the country for up to 90 days with a visit for treatment.

Required documents

General requirements for documents for obtaining a medical visa to Sweden:

completed and signed application;

foreign passport;

certificate from the doctor and medical institution from the applicant's country of residence, history of the disease, confirmation of the necessity of treatment;

official documents of the medical institution in Sweden with the signature, seal, and specified data (confirmation of treatment, address of the medical institution and site, contact telephone number);

financial statement and confirmation of the availability of sufficient funds for treatment;

confirmation of booking of air tickets on both sides;

confirmation of hotel reservation or confirmation of another place of residence, if it is not specified in the medical invitation;

medical insurance with a minimum coverage of euro 30000.

Documents must be translated into English or Swedish. Please check all details regarding visa requirements and additional documents before submitting your application. We also recommend receiving qualified consultations with lawyers and other specialists on the peculiarities of treatment abroad.


Medical institutions in Swedish offer a wide range of services. Among the local tourists is the most demand:
plastic surgery;
general surgery;
gynecology and birth of children;
cosmetic procedures;
treatment of heart diseases;
treatment of cancer diseases, etc.
By the way, Sweden is considered to be one of the best countries for childbirth. Such services may be expensive for women who are not Swedish citizens or do not have residence permits. Therefore, if you plan to give born in the country, be sure to contact lawyers. Specialists will provide the important information and help to prepare the necessary documents.
Medical services and procedures in the country are paid to foreign patients. For example, the usual admission to a doctor will cost from 100 to 300 SEK. The price of admission to the gynecologist or pediatrician will be from 200 to 350 SEK, and the visit to the emergency care department will be about 220-400 SEK. For the stay at the hospital, we have to pay about 100 SEK per day. Complicated procedures and operations will cost much more expensive. 

Recreational tourism

Many health centers in Sweden combine treatment with rehabilitation. Such institutions offer different kinds of medical services, health-improving procedures, and types of recreation. The complex also includes hotels, spas, cafes, and other leisure areas. Tourists can get here a whole range of procedures: massage, therapeutic burns, healing exercises, thermal baths, bathing in thermal waters, therapeutic mud, and many others.
Sweden is an incredible and progressive country, which will become an ideal place for medical tourism. Here you can combine treatment with rest and recovery. During your free time, you will have a great opportunity to enjoy beautiful landscapes, visit unique historical places and cultural monuments, or see modern architectural creations.