Fiji Health System and Types of Health Insurance for Foreigners



Fiji Health System and Types of Health Insurance for Foreigners

The Republic of Fiji is a group of beautiful islands in the heart of the South Pacific. In general, the world sees Fiji as an emerging economy and the quality of healthcare across the country is a testament to this. There are currently a total of 25 hospitals in Fiji. These include both public and private hospitals.

Expats, their families, and travelers can visit the islands for short or long-term periods. In any case, they must obtain a comprehensive health insurance policy to use private medical care if it is needed. It is important to know that foreigners living on many of the outlying islands may not be able to receive medical care and may have to travel to the capital for treatment.

How does the Fijian healthcare system for foreigners work?

Fiji's healthcare system includes both public and private healthcare facilities. The Fiji Ministry of Health oversees and manages the healthcare system, in addition to funding its healthcare facilities. Private facilities in Fiji mainly cater to foreign nationals.

Public health in Fiji

The quality of health care varies greatly in Fuji. There are 4 main public hospitals: there are two hospitals on the main island of Viti Levu while the other two are in Vanua Levu. The Colonial War Memorial Hospital (CWMH) in Suva is the largest and oldest hospital.  The next is the Nadi District Hospital. These hospitals are located in Viti Levu. Two smaller hospitals, Labasa Hospital and Savusavu are located in Vanua Levu.

Care and treatment are of lower quality in the villages.  Medical facilities are barely enough to meet the current medical needs and demands. In addition, the low hiring of medical workers should be taken into account. This results in long queues. Everyone needs to consider these factors before moving to Fiji. Expats and travelers must have international health insurance to access private healthcare.

The islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu are home to the most private premium medical hospitals. These hospitals usually operate 24-hour medical centers with several qualified general practitioners and medical specialists. Oceania Hospital is the largest private hospital in Fiji.  It offers many medical facilities such as imaging medicine, laboratory medicine, specialty, cardiology, and computed tomography. Pacific Specialist Healthcare (PSH) is another private hospital in Fiji.

Emergency Medical Services in Fiji

Foreigners can phone 911 for ambulance services in Fiji. In addition, they should be aware that the emergency medical infrastructure in Fiji is not developed and the response to ambulances is slow.

Hospitals in Fiji for expatriates

In general, healthcare systems in most urban areas are adequate for everyday medical problems. Expats should be aware that facilities, medical supplies, and equipment are limited in rural areas. A serious illness or emergency will require a medical evacuation from the country, so you must have insurance for this.  There may be no cure for some diseases and blood transfusions are usually reliable.

Here are the two main expat hospitals in Fiji:

Suva: Colonial War Memorial Hospital

Address: Waimanu Road, Suva

Phone: +679 331 3444

Suva: MIOT Pacific Hospitals

Address: st.  Amy, 120, Thorak, Suva

Tel.: +679 330 3404

Private international health insurance

Visit World can offer the type of insurance that best suits your needs whatever your budget or requirements. Some types are for dentistry, maternity, specialized consultations, emergency care, inpatient services, and others.

Expats with families can also get international coverage for the whole family. For international students or travelers seeking international health insurance. Visit World is the best insurance intermediary for international students or travelers seeking international health insurance.

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