Medicine and health care in Cape Verde: insurance for foreigners and guidelines

Cape Verde


Medicine and health care in Cape Verde: insurance for foreigners and guidelines

Cape Verde is an African state, located near the north-western coast of the continent, washed by the Atlantic Ocean. The country combines the cultures of Portuguese and African traditions against the backdrop of numerous beaches. Before entering the country, foreign citizens must have travel insurance, which can compensate for medical expenses.

Health insurance in Cape Verde

The insurance policy includes the possible provision of medical assistance in case of injury while practicing popular types of recreation on the islands:




Mountain biking


These types of outdoor activities can be included as additional risks in your insurance policy. You should remember that highly qualified medical care is available only in the capital of the state - Praia. Therefore, we additionally recommend including coverage of medical transportation between the islands and evacuation to the country of residence.

The cost of such an evacuation can be from $15,000 to $30,000. If you need medical care in Cape Verde, then keep in mind that you will have to pay for the services on the spot at the hospital. Even if you have health insurance. The algorithm of actions is such that after the assistance is provided and paid for, you need to provide all the documents to the insurance company. This is followed by reimbursement of medical expenses.

What to do if an insured event occurs?

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to use health insurance in Cape Verde, then do the following:

Contact the insurance company

Agree on the list of services provided

After receiving assistance, you will receive documents from the doctor: a personal invoice for payment indicating all the medical services provided; invoices that indicate a single amount of medical services provided (invoices without the name of the patient may not be accepted by the insurance company for reimbursement).

Get a doctor's prescription listing all necessary examinations, consultations, and medical procedures

Send all documents to the insurance/assistance company for preliminary verification and approval before leaving Cape Verde.

Medical insurance for foreign workers

If the reason for your stay in the country is a work visa, then the insurance of foreign workers takes place under a special program with the issuance of a temporary visa for six months. Such insurance covers medical evacuation and repatriation.

You can apply for an insurance policy online. After that, it is sent to the policyholder's e-mail within 10 minutes after payment. In addition to paid services, you can count on receiving free medical care. This service is provided by the representative office of the International Committee of the Red Cross. Keep in mind that not all islands have medical facilities in Cape Verde. There you can get only basic services. And to receive qualified assistance, you will have to come to the cities of Praia or Mindela.


  • To make your visit to Cape Verde as safe as possible, we recommend that you bring the necessary medicines with you. Pharmacies in Cape Verde do not have enough drugs and some drugs are very expensive. Before the trip, we recommend getting vaccinated against cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, polio, and tetanus. They are not strictly mandatory for entry, but for safety reasons, it is better to warn yourself in advance.
  • Thus, when visiting Cape Verde, it is better to take preventive measures in advance in the form of health insurance, vaccinations, and the availability of essential drugs so that you do not find yourself in an unpleasant situation later.