Obtaining permanent residence in Cape Verde: necessary documents, how to extend a residence permit

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Obtaining permanent residence in Cape Verde: necessary documents, how to extend a residence permit

Cape Verde is an island state in West Africa, located on ten volcanic islands of Cape Verde in the Atlantic Ocean, more than half a kilometer from the coast of Africa. Cape Verde is considered one of the most developed and democratic countries on the African continent.

Despite the scarcity of natural resources, the country’s economy is developing due to the service sector and tourism and is also focused on foreign investment. In addition, the warm climate and picturesque beaches attract foreigners all year round, many of whom wish to stay longer in Cape Verde. If you are planning to move to the country, then the ideal option is to buy a checklist (hyperlink).

However, before you decide to move, pay attention to the disadvantages of living in Cape Verde. There is often bureaucracy and red tape with paperwork, the purchase of real estate, as well as high taxes on imports and exports, which makes it difficult to run a business.

Residence permit in Cape Verde

There are two options for obtaining a residence permit in the country. It should be noted that a permanent residence permit in Cape Verde is rarely issued and should be renewed every 5 years.

A temporary residence permit is issued for one year with a subsequent possibility of extension. To obtain a residence permit in Cape Verde, you must apply for a Residencia. This can be done at the police station.

The documents:

·        a completed application form;

·        an extract from a local bank or other document confirming financial stability;

·        a certificate from the mayor’s office stating that the applicant has been living in the relevant municipality for at least six months;

·        a certificate of criminal record from the country of origin, notarized at the consulate;

·        a disclosure certificate from Cape Verde from the Public Order Police (POP);

·        a certificate of disclosure from Cape Verde from the judicial police (Policia Judiciaria);

·        a medical certificate from the Department of Health of Cape Verde with records of vaccinations;

·        a document confirming the ownership of the real estate in Cape Verde or a notarized lease agreement;

·        a copy of the international passport with all pages and with a visa stamp Permanente;

·        passport photos.

The official procedure for issuing a residence permit with the processing of all documents can be lengthy and take up to two years. During this period you may register your company if you plan to work in Cape Verde.

How to extend a residence permit

To renew your residence permit in Cape Verde you need to go to the nearest police station and request an extension of the residence permit. Here you will be given a list of required documents for the relevant application. Further, the documents are sent to the capital Praia, where the official seal is placed.


Cape Verdean nationality legislation is based on blood law, not land law. This means that being born on the territory of a country does not confer automatic citizenship. But there are exceptions. For example, a child born to unknown parents can obtain citizenship.

Also, a child born in any country can become a citizen of Cape Verde, provided that at least one of his parents is a citizen of Cape Verde. A passport can be obtained through naturalization, so it is necessary to fulfill the minimum residence condition – a person must have lived in the country for at least five years.

A person who marries a citizen of Cape Verde can obtain citizenship upon request immediately and without prior residence in the country. The peculiarity of the country is that dual citizenship is not prohibited here. Therefore, to become a citizen of Cape Verde, there is no need to renounce the passport of another state.

Citizenship by investment

The country does not have official citizenship-by-investment program, but the law allows citizenship to be granted without additional residence requirements to foreigners who make significant contributions to the economy and development of Cape Verde. At the same time, family members of a foreigner can also receive citizenship based on these investments. This may be an amount of about 200 thousand euros, although the specific amounts of investments are not specified in the law either. You can, for example, create jobs for the local population or buy real estate.

Contacts and phones

Office of Foreigners and Borders, Praia - Website

National Police, Praia - phone: +238 261 31 24, website

Ambulance - 130

Fire brigade - 131

Police - 132

Judicial Police - 800 11 34

National information – 102.