Demanded professions for foreigners and salaries in Cyprus



Demanded professions for foreigners and salaries in Cyprus

Cyprus is a popular European resort. Therefore, the service and tourism sectors are very developed here. Despite the unemployment rate, which is 6...8%, the economy needs seasonal and permanent workers from other countries. Existing vacancies can be divided into two types — skilled workers and seasonal workforce.

The first category includes employees in the IT sector, the banking sector, engineers, doctors, and economists. That is specialists with higher education, who are lacking in the labor market of the Republic of Cyprus. Or those who, with their knowledge and skills, are superior to local employees. The second category includes seasonal workers who come to the country during the warm season to work in the service and tourism sectors.

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How to get a job in Cyprus

In today's world, by dint of the Internet, you can find a job far from home. It should be said right away that all documents will have to be issued by the employer based on the information provided. The workplace is provided even before the arrival of the employee. Therefore, it is not necessary to go to Cyprus in the hope of finding a job on the spot. To find a job in Cyprus, you can use three ways.

  • Find an employer via the Internet. For example, through common acquaintances, in correspondence, by dint of forums. The method is complicated due to the need to make acquaintances at a distance, and poorly imagining future working conditions. There are thematic sites with vacancies.
  • State employment service. Information on the site is provided in Greek and English. To view vacancies, you must register.
  • Recruiting agencies. These are intermediaries connecting employers and employees. The agency finds an employer and issues a visa. The advantage is that the company accompanies its client until full employment. The company requires payment for its services. The amount differs for different companies, but on average it is 25% of the client's annual income.

The third option is the most suitable since it allows you to find a job in the shortest possible time. At the same time, all official permits and documents will be issued.