Moving to Zimbabwe: required documentation, e-visa, how to get citizenship

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Moving to Zimbabwe: required documentation, e-visa, how to get citizenship

Relocation to Zimbabwe means moving to one of the most beautiful places on the planet, even though it is landlocked. This country borders Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, and Mozambique.
The main spoken language here is English, which makes it easier to live and work in this country. The climate here changes according to the seasons - it is very hot in the fall, the reservoirs dry up, and in the summer it is cool and sunny. It also rains, especially in winter.
There are various reasons why foreigners go to Zimbabwe for permanent residence - intolerance of cold temperatures and snow, employment, desire to see the world, etc.
Everyone who comes to Zimbabwe needs a visa. It can be issued at the nearest representative mission of this country or online.
The general list of required documents in Zimbabwe:
1) an international passport with the necessary margin of validity;
2) three questionnaires filled out in English;
3) three passport-size photos;
4) copies of air tickets.

How to acquire citizenship in Zimbabwe

There are several grounds for obtaining a passport from this country. A child whose father or mother is a citizen automatically receives citizenship. At the same time, it is not necessary to be married.
If a child is born in the country, but his parents are foreigners, he cannot get citizenship.
A person who is married to a citizen of Zimbabwe must, according to the law of the country, apply to the relevant services for obtaining citizenship. This is one of the main ways of citizenship acquisition.
You can also apply for naturalization in Zimbabwe if you have lived and worked here for a long time and have the necessary skills. For example, doctors working in Zimbabwe often receive a positive response to their application for naturalization.
There is another way to obtain a local passport: to apply for naturalization after living in Zimbabwe for 5 years and investing money in a business. The answer is positive in almost 100% of cases.

Electronic Visa

Foreigners can apply for all types of visas through the Zimbabwe Immigration Department's online system. You can apply for a document here: The whole process is fast and intuitive, taking only a few minutes. This is an online multiple-entry visa valid for 30 days from the date of issue that allows you to stay in Zimbabwe for tourism, business, etc. After the expiration of this visa, you can submit documents for permanent residency already on the spot.
It will also be possible to extend it. To do this, make an appointment at the General Directorate of Immigration and National Affairs or visit the nearest border crossing point.
The visa fee is paid online or after entering the country.
Obtaining an e-visa takes approximately 2 days, but depends on the purpose of your visit and other factors.
The international passport must be scanned and attached to the application.
• Important: Nationals who are eligible for a KAZA UNIVISA can stay in Zimbabwe.

Who can get a job in Zimbabwe:
To live in Zimbabwe, as in any other country, you need funds. Accordingly, work is also needed. There are many options for living and working in Zimbabwe. People who have remote jobs - IT representatives, advertising market specialists, bloggers, etc. - often move to African countries for permanent or temporary residence.
Doctors, teachers, and lecturers are also needed here. As for doctors, there is a catastrophic lack of them - they are hired to work in private clinics without any problems.

Useful phone numbers and contacts:

Police – 995 або 777777;
Fire department – 993 або 720206;
Ambulance – 994 або 722188.