Travel to Zimbabwe: obtaining a visa, insurance and living in the country



Travel to Zimbabwe: obtaining a visa, insurance and living in the country

Zimbabwe is a country located in southern Africa.  It is a land of wildlife, national parks, rafting, and hunting.  In Zimbabwe, many animals have been preserved in their habitat.  You can see many animals right in front of you.  This is what attracts a large number of tourists to this country.  This is one of those African countries where hunting is allowed.  It is also home to some of the best golf courses on the continent.
 You can only get to Zimbabwe by plane. You can choose a direct flight or a flight with transfers, depending on where you are going.

 Visa to Zimbabwe

 To be in this African country, you need to open a visa.  You can do this at the consulate in your country, or the airport upon arrival.
 To issue a visa upon arrival in the country, you need to provide the following documents:
 • Foreign passport (valid for at least 3 months);
 • Immigrant questionnaire in English.
 In some cases, they may ask about tickets home and the availability of sufficient funds for the trip.  The visa is issued for a month.  The cost of such a visa is $30.
 The following documents are required to apply for a visa at the embassy:
 • Foreign passport (valid for at least 3 months);
 • Questionnaire in English;
 • Confirmation of air ticket booking.
 If you are traveling with children, they do not need a separate visa.  Children can be registered in their parent's passports.  In addition, you need to have 3 photos of the child.  Such a visa is issued in 2-3 days, and the cost is $30.

 Insurance in Zimbabwe

 Having insurance is very important for traveling to this country.  Because it has a completely different climate, many different insects and animals, and in some regions unsanitary conditions.  Therefore, it is better to protect yourself from unwanted problems and consequences.  It is advisable not to save on insurance because it is your health.  In general, in African countries, it is better not to drink tap water and not to add ice to drinks.  You should also not get carried away with street food here.
 Medical insurance includes:
 - An ambulance;
 - Inpatient treatment;
 - Transportation home.
 You can also add additional functions here.  Accident insurance must be included here.  In Zimbabwe, animal and insect bites are considered an accident, so in this case, such insurance is very necessary.  You can also insure against the loss of documents or expensive things.  After all, thievery flourishes in Zimbabwe, which is why people steal here often.  Because of this, you should not take any expensive things with you.
 It is fashionable to take out basic insurance on the spot.  It will cost from 8 to 20$.  If you include the listed additional functions here, the price will be 2 times higher.  It is most convenient to issue a policy online.  You need to enter all the data: travel dates, country, and tourist data, and the policy will be issued in a few minutes.

 Accommodation in Zimbabwe

 Most hotels in the country are located next to national parks.  If you choose to live at campsites or near safaris, you need to be very careful.  That's where wild animals can sneak up on you.  The currency of the country is the Zimbabwe dollar.  Upon arrival, you can exchange all currency in banks, hotels, the airport, or exchange offices.  You can also pay in US dollars everywhere.  The climate here is tropical.  The temperature fluctuates in winter (June-August) + 17 degrees, and in summer (December-March) + 25 degrees.
 It is not necessary to get vaccines before coming to Zimbabwe.  Only if you are going to visit national parks, you should stock up on antimalarial pills and take long-sleeved clothes with you. In general, Zimbabwe is a great country for extremes and new experiences.  You will get to know a new culture and wildlife.