How to get a job in Monaco: necessary permits and documents



How to get a job in Monaco: necessary permits and documents

Monaco is one of the richest countries in Europe and a small principality. People live a very decent life in Monaco – tourism and other areas of the economy are both thriving here. Everyone, without exception, can find a job in this country as it has the lowest unemployment rate in the EU. Therefore, when the question of where to go abroad to work arises, it will be Monaco.

Advantages of working in Monaco:

  • Low taxes;
  • High salary;
  • Almost everyone speaks English;
  • You can combine work and rest on the Mediterranean coast;
  • It is possible to obtain a residence permit;

Opportunity to experience the European standard of living;

How to find a job in Monaco, common job opportunities

To find a job in the Principality, use a special employment agency or find a job yourself (online or with the help of friends). Another option is to issue a tourist visa and look for a job while being "on a trip". Vacancies in Monaco are available for both men and women. It is a tourist country, so most locals and foreigners work in this area. Meanwhile, the number of teachers, doctors, and psychologists is scarce. Domestic helpers, governesses, and nannies are also in demand.

If you have a technical background, you can apply for jobs in IT. Good specialists are highly valued here. There is also a shortage of specialists in sales, construction, engineering, etc. Jobs for students can be the start of a good career in the country. You can easily work here while studying at college and university. In addition, study coupled with work is considered a good thing in the Principality. Once you have got a good job, the next question is: how do you get all the permits and visas?

Work visa in Monaco

A work visa in the Principality of Monaco is a permit to stay and work in the country for the duration of the contract. It is issued to people who travel to the country for the sole purpose of earning an income. To obtain a work visa, you must collect the following documents:

1. A completed form (this can be downloaded from the website of the Monaco/France Embassy in your country;

2. A foreign passport and a copy of it;

3. 4 passport photos;

4. Work permit and a copy of it;

5. Letter from your employer;

6. A statement from your bank about the number of funds in your account.

These are just some of the documents mainly requested at the embassy. Some professions may require a medical certificate or a mental health certificate for employment. Health insurance is also a mandatory requirement to work in Monaco. It can be issued at any agency worldwide. This service is also provided on our website.

If you are a citizen of one of the EU or Schengen countries, to obtain a work permit you must apply to the Office of State Security at Louis Notari Street, building 4 with the following documents:

1. Passport;

2. Certificate of clean criminal record;

3. Document from your employer;

4. Documents about education;

5. 2 photographs;

6. Certificate from bank that money is available in the account;

7. Medical certificate of health;

8. Tenancy agreement.

Interview at the consulate

The first step in applying for a work visa in Monaco is to collect the necessary documents. Once you have done this, you need to make an appointment at the consulate. At the reception desk, you will need to submit all the documents you have collected and undergo an interview. During the interview, you must assure the consular officer that you are going to Monaco to gain work experience and will then return to your home country.

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