How to move to permanent residence in Romania: visa and citizenship

Residence permit


How to move to permanent residence in Romania: visa and citizenship

Tourists often go to Romania not only to get acquainted with the country and culture, but also with the possibility of migration. Romania is a very promising country with stable economic growth and development. It is an EU country, so it gives the opportunity to enjoy all European benefits here. The country has quite high salaries, social assistance and full pension provision, which allows you to live comfortably here. At the same time, the cost of living here is very affordable.

Residence permit

To legally reside in the country you need to obtain a residence permit. So you can work here, open a business or undergo treatment. In 5 years after obtaining a residence permit you can apply for permanent residence. This status gives more opportunities and also gives the right to obtain citizenship in 3 years.

Temporary residence permit and permanent residence permit allow you to

- work legally in Romania and other EU countries;

- start your own business on favourable terms;

- travel to European countries without a visa;

- buy movable and immovable property at affordable prices.

However, there is one important drawback - it is the possibility of employment. After all, Romanians often hire only their local residents. You need to be a very special specialist to get a job here.

Prerequisites for obtaining a residence permit

- studying in accredited universities in Romania (if you are admitted, you get a residence permit for the entire period of study);

- obtaining a work permit (having an employment contract and a work visa you can obtain a residence permit);

- reunification with relatives in Romania;

- marriage with a citizen or resident of the country;

- creating a new business and providing jobs (if you invest more than 100,000 euros in the business and employ 15 people, you can get a temporary residence permit);

- if you are a refugee and have applied for temporary asylum.

If you want to obtain a residence permit and you meet one of the above criteria, you need to collect a package of documents:

1. application;

2. original and copy of your passport;

3. original and copy of the birth certificate;

4. original and copy of marriage certificate;

5. proof of residence;

6. documents on financial status;

7. health insurance (you can get it on our website);

8. health certificate;

9. certificate of no criminal record;

10. receipt of payment of the state fee.

Each document must be translated into Romanian and certified by a notary.

Visa to Romania

In order to be able to travel to Romania in order to obtain a permanent residence permit, you need to open a long-term visa type D. This visa allows you to stay in the country for 90 days. Then you can apply to the migration service for permission to extend the visa or obtain a residence permit.

Documents for opening a visa card:

- foreign passport (valid for at least 3 months);

- two colour photos (3,5x4,5);

- copy of the national passport;

- proof of residence in Romania;

- medical certificate on the presence of serious illnesses;

- certificate from the bank about the possibility of financing this trip and the availability of funds for living in the country;

- certificate of no criminal record;

- confirmation of the right to obtain a residence permit;

- completed application form.

Permit for permanent residence

After living legally in Romania for 5 years, you can apply for permanent residence. During this time you can stay outside the country only for half a year. To do this, you need to apply for a permit to the territorial division of the General Immigration Inspectorate. You also need to submit the following documents:

- a certificate of registration, which you received upon entry;

- proof that you have temporarily resided in the country for the required period;

- proof of financial capacity to reside in the country;

- documents that confirm your identity and your data;

- a certificate of no criminal record.

Consideration of the application takes approximately 30-120 days. Then you receive a permanent residence card. You can renew the permit without any other additional conditions.

Citizenship in Romania

After you have lived 5 years as a temporary resident, 3 years with a permanent residence permit, you can apply for Romanian citizenship. For this you need to submit the following documents:

1. a certified copy of your passport with translation into Romanian;

2. a statement of your personal responsibility;

3. documents on civil status;

4. certificate of no criminal record;

5. birth certificates of children with translation and parents' permission to grant citizenship to children;

The path to obtaining citizenship through the naturalization process is quite complicated and long. However, you can do it in a faster way. To do this, you should apply for legal advice on our website. There you can get interesting information to get to your goal faster.

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