How to obtain Serbian citizenship: necessary documents, grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Serbia

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How to obtain Serbian citizenship: necessary documents, grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Serbia

Serbia is located in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula in the southeastern part of Europe. It has a warm climate with hot summers and short winters with picturesque mountain scenery. In addition, entry regulations into the country are relatively simple. Serbia is a land of changes, pristine nature, and clean air, even in big cities. It is a good place for safe and comfortable living, which is why foreigners are increasingly choosing Serbian cities for emigration and temporary residence.

How do I apply for Serbian citizenship?

Moving to Serbia is not a complicated procedure. It is important to determine the purpose of migration to obtain citizenship.

Grounds for residence in Serbia:

1. Establishment of a company (OOO, AO) or sole proprietorship. The company must be a real business activity and must pay taxes. All foreigners who are employed in the company must have a work permit in the Republic of Serbia;

2. Employment;

3. Purchase of an established business;

4. Marriage to a Serbian citizen;

5. Civil marriage with a Serbian citizen;

6. Acquisition of real estate (no special conditions, i.e. set the minimum value of the real estate);

7. Treatment and rehabilitation;

8. Education (secondary school, grammar school, university);

9. Family reunification. Underage children and spouses are entitled to a residence permit upon family reunification;

10. Family ties with a Serbian citizen.

Required Documentation

Documentation required for a permanent residence permit in Serbia:

- Valid passport (passport is enclosed for verification and a photocopy is attached to the request);

- Proof of means of subsistence;

- Proof of health insurance;

- Registration of residential address in the Republic of Serbia for which the foreigner has been granted a residence permit;

- Proof of payment of the administrative fees.

- Proof of ownership of real estate property (excerpt from the real estate register);

- Proof of employment in the Republic of Serbia;

- Marriage certificate at least six months old and a civil marriage certificate for the spouse, if he/she is a citizen of Serbia;

- Proof of marital union with a foreigner who is granted a permanent residence permit, by the national legislation of the country where the marriage was contracted;

- Proof of marital status of both partners and other proof of the existence of non-marital union;

- Proof of origin from the Republic of Serbia (birth certificate of the applicant as well as one or both parents).

All documents that were not issued by the competent authorities of the Republic of Serbia must be provided with a translation by a certified court translator and notarized.

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Types of residence in Serbia

The only way to enter Serbia legally is to have a visa card.

There are the following types of visas to the country:

1. Visitor visa for Serbia;

2. Tourist visa;

3. Work Visa

4. Student visa

5. Serbian visa for religious services

6. Serbian visa for medical treatment or care

7. Serbian visa for real estate owners also entitles them to a Serbian residence permit with renewal every year for 5 years.

8. Pension visa for foreigners

9. Serbian business visa - an invitation from a Serbian company is required.

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