How to find a job in Serbia: documents provided upon employment



How to find a job in Serbia: documents provided upon employment

"Work in Serbia" as a query in search engines for emigrants does not appear as often as in other European countries. This is due to several reasons. In particular, of a historical and political nature. The economic level of the country is currently only in the stage of growth. High level of unemployment, and competition in the labour market. However, there is a need for personnel in any country, as well as a need for the employment of applicants. Let's try to figure out what the conditions of employment in Serbia are, how a work visa is issued, what documents need to be collected, and whether there are prospects for work emigration to this country.

Serbia inherited the economic potential of Yugoslavia, one of the highly developed socialist countries. Therefore, the list of professions that the country needs is quite significant. At the same time, both highly qualified personnel and professionals without qualifications are needed. Work experience will be an advantage. Although even without it, under certain conditions, you can find employment.

In particular, among the in-demand professions:

- IT specialists;

- Handyman;

- Specialists in the field of mechanical engineering and electrical technologies;

- Car mechanics;

- Accountants;

- Pharmacists;

- Employees of the beauty industry;

- Teachers, etc.

There is always work for women in families - as nannies, caretakers, and cleaners.

For any specialty, knowledge of the Serbian language is required, starting from the basic level.

Any migration issues, especially regarding the issuance of a work visa, should be resolved with specialists, in particular, you can contact a legal consultant.

In today's realities, freelance work, without being tied to a place of residence, is widespread. So if this is your case, working from home allows you to choose Serbia for other subjective reasons without having to worry about a work visa.

Considering the general level of income and average earnings in Serbia, it is probably not a country to come to for temporary income, so most likely it will be related to moving to a residence permit or PMP and processing the relevant documents.

How to find a job in Serbia?

For employment, you can contact the relevant agencies, which will find you a job abroad for a commission fee. And you can do this on your own. Although it will take a long time. There is enough information on the Internet - on specialized sites, resources, in various groups of social networks. After all, finding a job through acquaintances is one of the most effective methods that give the best result.

After receiving the consent of the employer for the vacancy, it is necessary to sign an employment contract, which will provide the foreigner with an official reason for employment abroad. At the same time, the employer, for his part, must issue a permit to attract a foreign employee, proving that this vacancy was available for locals for at least a month, but no candidate who met the requirements was found. The next stages are obtaining a work visa, moving to Serbia, obtaining a temporary residence permit, obtaining a work permit, and finally starting work.

Documents provided upon employment:

1. Foreign passport.

2. Education documents (if the position requires qualifications).

3. Confirmation of work experience by specialty.

However, the list for obtaining a work permit is much larger:

1. Passport.

2. Issued residence permit.

3. Employment contract.

4. education document.

5. Confirmation of work experience.

6. Registration of social insurance.

7. Permission to engage a foreign employee.

8. Application with a stamp from the employer.

9. State duty payment check.

10. Extract from the staff schedule of the enterprise.

As for the work visa, its registration takes place at the Serbian consulate of the country of residence of the job seeker. It is necessary to collect and submit the following documents:

1. Valid foreign passport.

2. A completed sample questionnaire (for work, the application is submitted only online at

3. Invitation from the employer.

4. Insurance.

5. Certificate of no criminal record.

6. Paid consular fee.

The list may change and be supplemented, for clarification contact our specialists. There are simplified immigration programs of the European Union, under which you can get to work in Serbia without lengthy registration. But for this, you need to have the citizenship of one of the EU countries.

The tax system in Serbia is one of those advantages that can attract, compared to other European tax systems. For individuals, the main type of tax is income tax, which is calculated depending on the profit, but at a minimum of 10%. As you can see, when choosing to work abroad, Serbia is not in the first place among attractive prospects for emigrants. Therefore, it is worth considering all the pros and cons, personal needs, and prospects before starting the procedure of finding a job and applying for a work visa to this country.

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