Obtaining Ukrainian citizenship: necessary documents to obtain permanent residence in Ukraine

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Obtaining Ukrainian citizenship: necessary documents to obtain permanent residence in Ukraine

Ukraine is a large country in Europe, the population of which is represented by a variety of cultures and nationalities. Often there are cases when citizens of other countries, for various reasons, need to temporarily reside in this country or acquire citizenship as a result of emigration.

There are several options for it:

  • Citizens of countries with a visa procedure regarding entry into Ukraine have the right to stay for such a period as indicated on the visa card.
  • Citizens of countries with a visa-free procedure regarding entry into Ukraine have the right to stay no more than 90 days within 180 days from the day when the legality of a person’s stay in Ukraine is determined.
  • If these options are not suitable and you need a long-term of staying in the country, you can apply for a temporary residence permit (work permit visa) or a permanent residence permit (permanent residence). This document allows foreigners to stay in Ukraine without restrictions on time and the need for mandatory departure.


The procedure for obtaining the status of a permanent residence permit in Ukraine

You need to go through the following steps:

prepare documents and certify them with a notary

obtain a document permitting migration (apply to the State Migration Service or the diplomatic missions of Ukraine in other countries)

submit a complete set of documents along with the application to the Migration Service.

if approved, obtain permanent residence at the State Migration Service

Having received permanent residence, a foreigner can visit Ukraine, stay there without time limits, get an official job, and have most of the rights of citizens of Ukraine provided for by the Constitution.

Ways to obtain permanent residence:

to be married to a citizen of Ukraine at least for 2 years

to be related to a citizen of Ukraine (parents or children)

territorial origin


Required documents to obtain permanent residence in Ukraine

Each case is individual and requires additional documents. Therefore, in general, it is necessary:

application from the initiator to obtain permanent residence

passport (original and a copy certified by a notary and translated into Ukrainian)

4 photos 3.5 x 4.5 cm

permission to immigrate to Ukraine (copy)

duty receipt

a copy of the document in the presence of an identification number (if any)


Obtaining Ukrainian citizenship

It is necessary to obtain the approval of a special commission under the President of Ukraine. Further, by decree of the President, citizenship can be issued.

The applicant should:

write an application about the desire to obtain citizenship in Ukraine

confirm that you are not a citizen of another country

confirm knowledge of the Ukrainian language at a free level

at the time of application, have already lived for at least 5 years within the territory of Ukraine

get an immigration permit

confirm the legal source of income


The application is considered for about 12 months. But if the applicant has direct relatives, citizens of Ukraine, then the procedure is much faster - up to 30 days. One of the options to speed up the process is to marry a citizen of Ukraine. Then the requirements for the period of residence in Ukraine are reduced from 5 years to 2 years. Additionally, there is an option due to family ties by territorial origin. The main requirement for this is to have a close relative with Ukrainian citizenship.

And provide documents:

Application for obtaining citizenship of Ukraine by territorial origin.

Two photos (3.5 x 4.5 cm).

Confirm with documents that the relative was born/lives in Ukraine

Copy of the applicant's birth certificate or other proof of relationship

Be sure to provide only originals.

Thus, the legislation of Ukraine provides many options for obtaining permanent residence or citizenship, but any of these procedures is quite long and requires a large list of documents on an individual basis. Therefore, you must first consult with specialized specialists before migrating.