Student visa in Macau: conditions for admission to higher education institutions

Macao SAR China


Student visa in Macau: conditions for admission to higher education institutions

Macau is a small administrative region of the People's Republic of China. Today it is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. The world's largest casino, Venice, is located here. There are often tourists here because the central part is a tourist zone. Education here is quite developed. The education system here has no basic standard or curriculum. Here, educational institutions follow different education systems: Chinese, Portuguese, Hong Kong, and British. Children go to school from the age of 5. There are more than ten higher education institutions in Macau.

After secondary education, local students often continue their studies in China, Taiwan, Great Britain, the United States, and other countries. Some universities in Macau are ranked among the best in the world. There are a lot of foreign students in such universities. Acceptance of documents is the same for everyone. Most of the specialists who teach here came from abroad. There is also an opportunity for international student exchange in Macao. The main language in universities is English. However, some courses are taught in Chinese, Portuguese and Japanese.

Macau student visa

When choosing the purpose of the trip, you need to determine which type of visa is right for you. Then, when you issue a visa, you need to indicate the purpose of your trip. To start studying in Macau, you need to open a student visa.

The following documents are required for this:

• passport;

• confirmation of money availability (at the rate of $62 per day in the country);

• a return ticket;

• invitation to study at the university;

• confirmation of residence during studies.

You can get a visa in about 2 weeks after submitting the documents. You can also issue an urgent or emergency visa. The visa can be issued in advance at the embassy, or upon arrival in Macau. If you choose the second option, you must pay for the visa on the spot, and the payment must be in local currency only.

Conditions for admission to a university

Admission of students to higher educational institutions is carried out differently by each university. In some, the company starts with an entrance exam, while others accept without any tests. When choosing an educational institution for yourself, it is better to clarify the information at the university. The academic year in Macau has two semesters. You can get a bachelor's degree at a fairly affordable price. 

Education costs approximately $3,000 per year. Studying for a master's degree costs a little more than $3,000. Even despite the low cost, both local and international students can apply for the scholarship. The exact cost should be found out at the university because it can be different for each faculty.


Universities in Macau offer their foreign students scholarships and various grants that encourage more effective study.  Those applying to the university's Ph.D. programs can receive a scholarship that covers:

 • monthly allowance ($2,480);

 • transportation costs (those you will spend on research and conferences);

 Such a scholarship covers tuition and other expenses.  It is paid for 4 years.

To receive such a scholarship, you must:

 - study at a Ph.D. program (you can be a citizen of any country);

 - have a master's degree;

 - know English at a sufficient level.

Macau is quite an interesting place not only to get an education but also to learn about a new culture, customs and traditions.

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