What you need to move to Macau: What is Macau's investment and immigration policy

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What you need to move to Macau: What is Macau's investment and immigration policy

The former Portuguese colony of Macau (Aomin) is currently an autonomous city in China. Historical conditions have combined Asian and European traditions here, which distinguishes the city from other tourist sites. There is much to see and be impressed by. About half a million people live in Macau, and about 30% of them came here as a result of migration.

One of the attractive factors to moving here for temporary residence and then staying on permanent residence is the low unemployment rate and high standard of living. It is quite easy to get a job, for various types of work, including without qualifications. At the same time, it should be taken into account that the economy is mainly based on tourism and entertainment (up to 70% of the profits come from casinos). The local population is engaged in sea transportation (a large port is located here).

Before moving to Macau on a permanent residence, it is worth finding out what stages of legal registration you will have to go through, for this you should seek advice from our lawyers. However, we will highlight the main points here.

What do you need to move to Macau?

The first stage will be the issuance of a visa. At the same time, an entry permit will be required even if you have a valid Chinese visa. There are several residence permits here:

- Tourist visa;

- Work visa;

- Student visa;

- Guest visa;

- Transit visa.

At the same time, to issue each type of visa, you will have to document its purpose. Migration services check documents very strictly. Do not try to get a tourist visa for the sake of work, as you can face fines and deportation with a ban on entering Macau for 5-10 years.

Macau offers visa-free entry to some countries. If you, as a citizen of a particular country, need to issue a visa to Macau, you should ask our specialists for up-to-date information.

What documents do you need to have when entering Macau?

- Issued visa;

- Valid foreign passport;

- Return ticket or ticket to a third country (in case of transit);

- Housing rent;

- Proof of solvency (although recently they may not check);

- Migration questionnaire filled out in English.

In most cases, foreigners need to take care about obtaining a Macau visa in advance. However, for some countries, it is possible to issue a short-term visa for a non-commercial purpose directly upon arrival, at the airport, seaport, or land border crossing. Customs duty can only be paid in cash in local currency. At the same time, a transit visa is issued free of charge. The visa is issued for a period of one month, however, it can be extended to three months by applying to the local migration service.

As for the work visa, it must be issued exclusively at the diplomatic mission of Macau in the home country.

Documents for obtaining a work visa:

- A completed visa application form with a photo (our specialists will help with its registration);

- Work permit and letter from the employer;

- Invitation to the country from the company (guarantor);

- Foreign passport, original and copy.

A separate area of migration is the investment program - cash investments in the Macao economy. Newly arrived investors can count on more favorable treatment in the process of registration of temporary residence and then permanent residence. At the same time, you will not have to pay high taxes, and you can count on high-quality medical care.

What are Macau's investment and immigration policies?

According to the investment program, all applicants for a residence permit are divided into the following categories:

- Foreign investors;

- Potential foreign investors;

- Investors in real estate and other material assets;

- Technical immigrants and promising specialists.

The current program allows obtaining a residence permit not only for the potential investor himself but also for his family members, up to the third generation. If you are approved under the program, you will be issued a temporary resident card valid for 18 months to three years. If necessary, the card can be extended. You can count on Macao citizenship after 7 years of continuous residence here under legal conditions, for this you need to submit documents to the appropriate authority and start the naturalization process.

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