How to get permanent residence in Pakistan: how to get a visa for foreigners

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How to get permanent residence in Pakistan: how to get a visa for foreigners

Pakistan is located in the south of Central Asia. This is one of the most densely populated countries on the planet. The number of its citizens is about 220 million people. Due to such a large population and a peculiar culture, the government of the country is very sceptical about foreigners who come from abroad. Therefore, obtaining a visa, and even more so permanent residence in Pakistan, is quite problematic. But there is one exception.

How to get permanent residence in Pakistan

The easiest way to obtain the right to permanent residence in the country is to invest. The government of Pakistan, following the example of other, more developed countries, decided at the beginning of 2022 to attract additional funds to its economy. For this, citizens of other states were allowed to buy real estate worth from $100,000 to $300,000. As a rule, new apartments or private houses with different levels of comfort are offered for sale. Since real estate in Pakistan is inexpensive, for the specified amount a foreigner can purchase decent housing in the country, and in return get the right to live in Pakistan, and in the future, subject to a number of conditions, obtain citizenship.

To develop the program, it is planned to build additional housing in the capital of Pakistan and other major cities. The initial number of apartments and houses is 6,000. The program is aimed primarily at residents of neighbouring countries, as well as the diaspora living in other countries. First of all, Pakistanis living in the USA, Canada, European countries. It is believed that this will be of interest to the Afghans and Chinese. However, there is no discrediting on a national or civil basis. Anyone can buy real estate, taking into account the legislation in force in the country.

Laws on the right to permanent residence and other nuances when living in the country change periodically. Therefore, in order to keep abreast of events, it is recommended to buy a checklist that contains relevant and useful information.

How to get a visa to Pakistan

Pakistan is a closed country, so almost all foreigners need a visa. Even for a short visit to the state. You need to get it in your home country or at the nearest embassy if there is no embassy in your country. Addresses of all embassies and consulates can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan. Phone numbers are also indicated there, by which you can clarify the reception hours and the conditions for issuing visas, since sometimes the conditions change.

The set of documents will depend on the purpose of visiting the country and the identity of the guest, but in general you will need:

Visa fees. It is paid only if the embassy issues the specified document. The amount of the visa fee differs depending on the nationality of the guest. It usually ranges from $50 to $200.

Foreign passport and a photocopy of its first page.

A completed application form. You need to download it on the embassy website in the Consular Services section. Then print it out and fill it out by hand.

Photo. Officially, 2 pieces are required. But in practice, they may require 6.

Flights to and from Pakistan.

Rental documents. This may be a hotel or accommodation of a local resident who will confirm in writing their desire to provide it.

Invitation from Pakistan (Letter of Invitation). The inviting party can be a local resident (for example, a friend or relative) or a travel company. An invitation must be issued in advance, because without it they will not be allowed to cross the border. An invitation can cost up to $100.

In addition, they may require a certificate of employment (or documents on business registration in their country), a bank statement on your financial solvency, and medical insurance. It will be an additional advantage if you write an official letter in advance, indicating the purpose of the visit and the desire to visit Pakistan.

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