Job prospects and work visa processing in San Marino

San Marino


Job prospects and work visa processing in San Marino

San Marino is one of the smallest states in Europe as well as the only European landlocked state that borders only one country. Surrounded by Italy it's no surprise that the country's official language is Italian. A peaceful microstate is what an increasing number of people are looking for to start a new life away from the fast-paced lifestyle of the big city.

However, finding a job in San Marino is not easy for a number of reasons

The first key factor is that San Marino is one of the smallest countries in the world. The labor market in San Marino is extremely small both in terms of jobs available and employment sectors. Another important aspect is that San Marino is not part of the EU. In other words, this is why EU citizens do not have direct access to their labor market. In addition, fluency in Italian must be expected for most of the available offers.

A key factor in determining the success of a career in San Marino is finding someone who is willing to hire. As soon as the company agrees to hire you will need to apply to the Ufficio del Lavoro (state employment office) and the gendarmerie (public administration) to legalize your stay in the Republic of San Marino.

Types of work visas in San Marino

Foreigners can apply for one of two visas that allow them to live and work in San Marino.

Residence Permit:

This visa allows non-citizens to stay and work in the country for three months to one year. Residence permits are renewable upon request.

Registered Residence Permit:

This option is best suited for non-citizens setting up a company in the country or holding a senior position in a local company. These permits are for permanent residence.

An optional residence permit is also available. Unlike others, this visa applies specific restrictions on the holder's employment opportunities and benefits. After receiving an optional residence permit within 10 years a foreign resident can change his visa to a registered residence permit and exercise the corresponding rights.

San Marino Work Visa Requirements

When a foreigner applies for a residence permit, he must bring the following documents.

Certificate of citizenship or statelessness;

Birth certificate;

Certificate of civil capacity;

Police report from hometown;

Evidence of pending payments;

Two passport-style photographs (one certified photograph).

Application process

  1. Foreigners do not need an entry visa so they can enter the country with a valid passport or similar travel document.
  2. The Department of State for Foreign Affairs, International Economic Cooperation, and Telecommunications issue residence permits.
  3. Holders of a residence permit enjoy the same rights and freedoms as citizens.
  4. Due to the small size of the country, high educational standards, and a healthy economy, obtaining a work permit in San Marino can be difficult. While international investors are welcome, international employees may experience a lack of widely available information about the application process.

And so that there are no problems with paperwork, download our checklist which describes in detail the tips and mistakes that many people face.