Traveling to Ghana: how to get a tourist visa and what to see



Traveling to Ghana: how to get a tourist visa and what to see

Ghana is one of the most distinctive countries in Africa, where both reckless travellers in search of exotics and ordinary tourists dream of going to spend a vacation on the sunny coast of the ocean. The past of this region has given the world many unique cultures, for example, one of the most colourful African ethnic groups  the Ashanti. And the colonial period in the history of Ghana left behind monuments of European architecture. The majority of the population professes Christianity and is very religious, but at the same time continues to respect the local traditions of black magic and use mystical rituals. Therefore, a trip to such a country of contrasts will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.

What to see in Ghana

  • Medieval fortresses

Ghana bears the honorary title of "the country of castles and fortresses". After all, once this territory was a colony of Great Britain, as a result of which many bastions appeared here. Some of them have survived to this day and have become the main historical sights of the country. For example, the Cape Coast fortress in the city of the same name has existed since the 18th century. Here is the largest museum in Africa dedicated to the conquest of the region by Europeans and their interaction with local tribes. Most of the exposition tells about the most tragic page in Ghana's history - the slave trade.

It turns out that the oldest defensive and generally European building in Ghana is Elmina Castle. Appeared in the 15th century, the fortress was first used for military purposes, then as a trading centre, and later became a prison. It is curious that literally on the neighbouring hill is the 2nd century younger Fort St. Iago, which also once housed within its walls a garrison and a prison for European prisoners or convicted officers. Today, hotels and restaurants are located on the territory of the castles, and the sights themselves are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  • Kacum National Park

Ecotourism is actively developing in the country. After all, the Ghanaian rainforests and grassy savannas attract many lovers of wildlife. And one of the most famous tourist spots is Kakums National Park. Here you can meet such rare animals as Diana's monkey, bongo antelope and African elephant. The best way to observe the exotic inhabitants of the park is on cableways, which are the tourist highlight of Kakuma.

Thus, a whole system of narrow ladders made of boards fenced with nets allows you to safely travel through the jungle. The total length of hanging roads is about 500 m. Wooden trails are placed at a height of 30 to 50 meters. By the way, tourists can travel through the park only with a guide. And the best time to visit the National Park will be the period from May to August, when the least rainfall falls.

  • Cultural Capital of Kumasi

Kumasi was once the capital of the Ashanti kingdom. You can now learn about the past glory of the city in the Historical Museum of the National Cultural Centre and the museum on the territory of the Mankhia Palace, the former royal residence. The building of the latter is best preserved to our time. In addition, in the courtyard of the palace there is a unique opportunity to visit open sessions of the city court. And the Historical Museum has a large collection of Ashanti military equipment and the main decoration of the exposition is the golden throne of the rulers of an ancient African state.

An unusual sight of Kumasi is a ceremonial sword stuck in the ground at the time of the founding of the city. It is located on the territory of the modern Okomfo Anokye Hospital. The inhabitants of Kumasi claim that the sword cannot be moved even with the help of modern technology. Also, while walking around the cultural capital, we advise you to visit the Kejetiya open bazaar, with locally produced goods, and the city zoo, where even non-lovers of walking in nature can meet exotic animals.

Tourist visa to Ghana

Accra, the capital of Ghana, has an international airport where there are flights to many European and African countries. However, depending on the nationality, the conditions for entry into Ghana may vary. Indeed, representatives of some states are generally exempted from the mandatory receipt of a tourist visa, and some can obtain a visa upon arrival, only by paying the consular fee. At the same time, others receive permission for a different period of time, from 60 to 90 days. For a complete list of visa-free countries, visit the website of the Ghana Migration Service. You will also need to be vaccinated against certain diseases. By the way, it is possible to obtain a full package of medical insurance from the specialists of our website.

Documents required for obtaining a tourist visa

• the passport;

• two colour photographs;

• proof of existing place of residence;

• booked return ticket;

• certificate of vaccination;

• a letter from the travel company responsible for organizing the trip.