Job prospects in Laos: where to look for a job and what documents are needed for this



Job prospects in Laos: where to look for a job and what documents are needed for this

Laos is a country of contrasts and pristine nature. It is the most eco-friendly zone in Asia. There are places here where Europeans have never set foot. The former name of Laos is Lang Xang, which literally translates as "Kingdom of a Million Elephants". If you're used to shopping malls, skyscrapers and a fast-paced lifestyle, forget about moving and working in Laos.

There are plenty of jobs in the country, mostly in agriculture. For this reason, Laos is a great country to do business in as there is no competition. Locals are afraid of the responsibilities associated with running a business.

How do I get a job in Laos

Most jobs in this country are hard work. The level of education in Laos is quite low, so you can get a job as a teacher in Laos. This is the most common and easiest way to migrate and earn a living in this country. Most of the work is related to agriculture. Laos grows vegetables, coffee, tobacco and tea. It is possible to trade in these products and make money from it.

Immigrants also tend to work in industry and forestry. The country is an energy producer and exporter, and many of its citizens work in this industry. Trade, energy and tourism are equally popular with foreign workers. There is an urgent need to upgrade the skills of medical workers. As mentioned earlier, Laotians are reluctant to do business, so all doors are open to immigrants in this industry.

Where to look for work in Laos

It is very difficult to find work as Laos is considered to be a very poor country with a backward bureaucracy. The only workable option for finding a job is to look through advertisements in newspapers and magazines, as looking for jobs online is not very effective.

If you have no work experience and no commercial visa, the hardest thing is to get a work permit. Even if you find a suitable vacancy, you will need to prove to the government that your job is safe. The Lao government is very corrupt and such permits can cost around $400-500.

Documents required

A Lao work visa is essentially a permit to stay in Laos for the duration of a business contract. This visa can be issued to citizens travelling for the purpose of generating income in Laos. In order to obtain a work visa, the following documents need to be prepared:

- A foreign passport as well as its previous copy;

- Questionnaire (filled out);

- 4 photos;

- Original and copy of work permit document;

- A letter of employment from the employer;

- Information about the position, earnings, available savings of the applicant.

However, this is only a list of the basic documents you need to collect. Detailed information on applying for a work visa to Laos can be obtained from the qualified professionals at Visit World. Visit World team will help with the paperwork and further employment.


Personal income tax in Laos remained unchanged at 25% in 2021. The maximum rate is 28% and the minimum rate is 24%.

Working outlook

As mentioned above Laotians are not very industrious. For example, if a boss yells at an employee, that employee will simply stop coming to work the next day. Given the sluggish, somewhat irresponsible nature of the population, it is quite difficult to find work in Laos. It is difficult to find a job in Laos, the salaries are far from European level. Therefore, there are no job prospects.

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