Work and employment in Qatar: how and where to get a job



Work and employment in Qatar: how and where to get a job

The State of Qatar is located in the Middle East, on the Qatari Peninsula of the same name. It is one of the largest exporters of natural gas and oil in the world. It is the income from the export of hydrocarbons that forms the basis of the country's economy. Since the standard of living in the country is quite high, the government invites foreign citizens to work in the economy. Usually, these are residents of neighboring countries, however, many foreigners from countries located relatively far away work in Qatar.

Structure of the economy

The extraction of hydrocarbons and their processing form the basis of the income of the country's GDP, namely 75%. The remaining 25% is the service sector and only 0.1% is agriculture. The industry is divided directly into mining and processing. In Qatar, the industry is represented by the following sectors:

  • oil-producing;
  • oil refining;
  • petrochemical;
  • chemical;
  • metallurgical.

Many transnational corporations are operating in the country that provides equipment for industrial production. At the same time, both residents and foreigners who come from other countries work in the industry. However, the maintenance and repair of equipment, as a rule, is performed by delegated employees of those companies under whose brand the equipment was produced. Despite significant cash flows, ordinary employees are paid relatively little money, although this depends on the individual employer.

Agriculture meets only 10% of the country's needs. The rest of the agricultural products are imported. The agricultural industry is developed only in the area of ​​oases. Dates, vegetables, and various horticultural crops are grown here. Animal husbandry, which is carried out by local nomadic tribes, is slightly developed. Foreign citizens almost do not work in local agriculture.

The service sector is represented by tourism. The country has established a Tourism Authority. Foreign guides who know foreign languages ​​are highly valued. A foreigner can always get a job in the tourism industry.

How to get a job in Qatar

To officially work in Qatar, you need a work visa. Without it, a foreigner cannot work in the country, this may be followed by a fine and deportation. In most cases, the work visa is issued by the employer or by an intermediary contacted by the worker who wants to travel to the country. In the first case, the employee himself must find a job, and the employer provides him with a ready-made work visa. However, it is a long road with many challenges.

The most effective way to obtain a work visa in Qatar is to seek the help of professional lawyers. They will help to collect a package of documents necessary for crossing the border and formalizing official work in the country. In some cases, this list may differ, but in most cases, it looks like this:

  • Foreign passport, the validity of which must continue for at least another 6 months from the moment of crossing the border. If you have a previous sample passport, then it must also be presented.
  • Completed application form. It can be downloaded from the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar. If a foreigner is looking for a job through an intermediary, the company's employees will provide it.
  • Four photographs of the established sample. They can be done when crossing the border or when obtaining a visa.
  • Original completed documents on the provision of work in Qatar. In addition, they need a photocopy certified by a notary.
  • Officially a letter from the employer in which he notifies the border and immigration service that he is hiring a foreign citizen.
  • Brief information about the vacancy for which you are supposed to work and information about the salary for this position.
  • Confirmation of financial viability. To do this, you must first make an extract from the bank in which the account is opened. The minimum amount when crossing the border should be 1500 US dollars.

When crossing the border, Qatar immigration officers can thoroughly check the intentions of a foreigner. Therefore, the preparation of documents must be approached with all responsibility.

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