How to get a permanent residence permit in Malaysia: conditions, required documents, dual citizenship

Residence permit


How to get a permanent residence permit in Malaysia: conditions, required documents, dual citizenship

There are three ways to obtain a long-term residence permit in Malaysia:

1. For investors (A1) — the program "Malaysia My Second Home". 

According to this program, a foreigner must demonstrate the availability of monetary assets for at least 350,000 dollars, as well as confirm a monthly income of more than 10,000 dollars. Next, it is necessary to open a deposit bank account in a national bank for at least 235,000 dollars + 12,000 dollars for each dependent family member. Have a full medical examination at a clinic in the country and purchase a health insurance policy from a licensed company. 

The visa is issued for 10 years with the right of extension. The investor has the right to bring his family and one car with him without paying taxes and fees. There is a right to purchase real estate in the country. 

If you have an investor certificate, you do not have the right to work in the country. 

2. For experts or honorary citizens (A2). 

Migration of this type must be confirmed by the relevant government agency in Malaysia. In addition, a certificate of criminal record from the country of origin is provided. Having work experience in a Malaysian company, at least 3 years, will be a big plus. 

3. For women and children (up to 6 years old) of Malaysian citizens, who in turn act as their sponsors. 

Even fulfilling all conditions does not guarantee to obtain a residence permit. There is a point system in the country, according to which you get a point for each relevant item. Applications from foreigners with a score below 65 will not be considered. For whomever, please turn to a legal consultant. 

To obtain a visa, you must personally apply to the territory of the country, supplementing it with a motivation letter, as well as pass an interview at the Migration Department, your sponsor, a resident of the country, is often invited to the interview. The upfront fee for processing your documents is only MYR 40. 

A certificate of permanent residence does not allow you to vote in elections or join any political parties. Residence status can be revoked at any time if the government deems it necessary. If you are planning to move to Malaysia, please take a look at the checklist. 

How to get citizenship? 

  •  if a child is born to Malaysian parents, it 100% receives a passport. If the child is born outside the territory of the country to a Malaysian mother, the child receives the citizenship of a foreign father. 
  • marriage of foreign women with a Malaysian. Under the condition that he acts as a sponsor, they lived together for 5 years. Proof of language proficiency is also

required. Foreign men cannot apply for citizenship through marriage to a Malaysian woman. 

through naturalization. You must have lived 10 of the last 12 years in the country, including the twelve months immediately preceding the application. These requirements are established by Part III of the Constitution. You must know the Malaysian language. 

Documents to be submitted to the Migration Service: 

● Passport 

● Entry permit (visas) 

● Confirmation of health insurance 

● Biography 

● Original or certified copy of the birth certificate (if applicable) 

● Original or certified copy of marriage certificate (if applicable) 

● Confirmation of net worth 

● income statement 

● Bank account statement 

● Original certificate of criminal record 

● Medical certificate and health insurance 

● Evidence of real estate purchase (if available) 

● Power of attorney to verify financial documents 

● A letter with a certificate of employment and salary 

● Certified copy of passport 

● Cover Letter 

● Two references from Malaysian citizens (preferred) 

Dual citizenship is prohibited here. The citizenship application is processed throughout the year, if you need to speed up the process, you can send a letter to the NRD of Putrajaya stating your reasons for speeding up the process. 

If you have been denied citizenship, you cannot appeal the decision, but you can reapply.  All information for foreign citizens in Malaysia is collected on the website of their migration service.