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09 Dec 2022
Uzbekistan citizenship
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Albanian citizenship

Albanian citizenship is granted to: 

A. By birthright 

B. By naturalization 

C. By adoption

A. Granting Albanian citizenship by birth 

The child acquires Albanian citizenship by birth in cases where: 

1. both parents are citizens of Albania at the time of the child's birth; 

2. one of the parents at the time of the child's birth is a citizen of Albania and the child was born in the territory of the Republic of Albania. Exceptions are cases when parents jointly decide to acquire the child's citizenship of the other parent. 

3. was born outside the territory of the Republic of Albania and one of the parents is a citizen of Albania, while the other has an unknown citizenship or no citizenship. 

4. was born outside the territory of the Republic of Albania and one of the parents is a citizen of Albania, while the other has another citizenship, but both parents agree that the child acquires Albanian citizenship.

A child born or found in the territory of the Republic of Albania acquires Albanian citizenship if it was born to unknown parents, and as a result the child may be left stateless. If the child's parents are known before the child reaches the age of 14 and they have foreign citizenship, Albanian citizenship may be revoked at the request of the parents recognized by law, provided that the child does not remain stateless as a result. 

A child born in the territory of the Republic of Albania may acquire Albanian citizenship from parents who have another citizenship who are legally residing in the Republic of Albania with the consent of both parents.

B. By naturalization

A foreigner who has applied for Albanian citizenship by naturalization acquires it under the following conditions: 

1. be at least 18 years old. 

2. legally resided in the territory of the Republic of Albania for at least 5 years. 

3. have housing and sufficient financial resources. 

4. not to be prosecuted in his own country or in the Republic of Albania for criminal offenses, accused of imprisonment for a term exceeding 3 years. Exceptions to this rule are only those cases where it is proved that the accusation was made for political reasons. 

5. Have at least a basic knowledge of the Albanian language. 

6. Granting the applicant Albanian citizenship shall not impede the security of the Republic of Albania. 

7. Foreigners who have reached the age of 18 may acquire Albanian citizenship, even if they do not meet the requirements of this Law on Albanian Citizenship (except for paragraph 6), if the Republic of Albania has scientific, economic, cultural or national interests. If a person is stateless, the conditions of paragraphs 1, 3, 4 and 5 of this article may not be taken into account. 

If a foreigner proves that he is of Albanian origin to the second generation, even from one of the parents, the period of residence in the Republic of Albania referred to in part 2 of this article must be at least 3 years. All other conditions for granting Albanian citizenship listed in this article remain unchanged.

A foreigner who has been married to an Albanian citizen for at least 3 years may, if he / she wishes, be granted Albanian citizenship by naturalization, even if he or she does not meet the conditions set out in paragraphs 2 and 5. The foreigner must live legally and continuously in territory of the Republic of Albania for at least one year.

C. By adoption

If both parents of Albanian nationality adopt a child with another citizenship or without citizenship, the child is granted Albanian citizenship. 

An adopted child acquires Albanian citizenship, even if only one of the parents is an Albanian citizen and resides in the territory of the Republic of Albania at the time of adoption, as well as in any other case where the child is at risk of statelessness as a result of the adoption.

Citizenship issues are handled by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Citizenship Department. Albanian citizens and foreigners can apply for and renounce their citizenship to our offices abroad, as well as to the regional police in the district where they live in Albania. Details can be viewed at

Is dual / second citizenship allowed in Albania?

Yes, dual / second citizenship is allowed in Albania.

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