13 Apr 2023
Indonesia citizenship
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Permanent residence permit in Algeria

To apply for residency in Algeria, you will have to visit the "Department for Foreigners” at the local police station and submit a certain "dossier." The file must contain the following documents:

  • A completed application on a special form received at the police station or municipality at the place of residence;
  • Five (5) recent and similar passport photos;
  • Tax stamp in the amount of 3000 dinars;
  • Three (3) medical certificates from the applicant (general medicine - phthisiology - serology);
  • Copy of valid passport and visa;
  • Housing rental agreement;
  • Ordinary certificate of vaccination for minor children from 1 to 14 years;
  • And depending on the situation:
  • Work visa;
  • Work permit or temporary work permit or declaration of employment of a foreign worker who does not require a work permit issued by the Ministry of Labor (for employees);
  • School or university enrollment certificate;
  • Confirmation of industrial, craft, commercial or freelance activities issued by competent services;
  • Confirmation of the availability of sufficient resources in case the applicant does not intend to carry out the activity.

But don't forget to ask beforehand! Because different provinces may ask for different documents.

The applicant himself submits an application for a residence permit to the relevant territorial police department or municipality at the place of residence. After the file is verified, you will be given a deposit slip that will serve as your residence card. Its validity cannot exceed three (03) months. Then, after the review and approval of the security services, the regional state administration (DRAG) starts creating a resident card.

The residence card is valid for two (02) years. It should be noted that a foreigner can use a residence card, the validity period of which cannot exceed the validity period of the document that gives him the right to stay in Algeria (work permit, duration of his studies, etc.).

Issuance of a residence permit for ten years

A residence permit valid for ten (10) years may be issued to a foreigner who has resided in Algeria continuously and legally for seven (7) years or more, as well as to their children who live with them and have reached eighteen (18) years of age.

Any application for a resident card for ten (10) years must contain the following documents:

  • An affidavit (on the attached special form) of the applicant that he has permanently resided in Algeria for more than seven (7) years, provided by the services of the police station or the territorially competent municipality, which can be printed on the MICL website
  • Tax stamp established by the Finance Act
  • A copy of the old valid resident card
  • The legal justification of the request (marriage certificate for mixed couples).
  • Statement from the place of work dated less than three (3) months
  • A renewal certificate from CNAS for employees or CASNOS for non-employees dated less than three (3) months ago

Family reunion

A family visa to Algeria is issued to non-Algerian immediate family members of Algerian citizens for family reunification.

Necessary documents for submission (in addition to the basic ones):

  • A copy of your host's Algerian identity card, passport, or consular card;
  • A notarized letter of invitation from the host stating that they cover your living expenses;
  • For spouses: a copy of the marriage certificate;
  • For children: a copy of the child's birth certificate.
  • The submission process is described above.


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