Transit visa to Libya. How to get a work permit for foreigners



Transit visa to Libya. How to get a work permit for foreigners

Libya is challenging work and social environment. Most positions for highly qualified specialists are related to working in the oil and gas industry. The country has underdeveloped education and healthcare systems and anyone working in the country is advised to ensure they have Visit World insurance and access to private services. Social life is limited and the level of income of the population is usually very low which leads to a decrease in social activity. It is not recommended to move to Libya before receiving a job offer.

Libyan work visa

A work visa in Libya is granted to foreign nationals who wish to work in Libya. Working in a country without a work visa is illegal. A small Libyan company usually has the right to invite 20 foreign workers into the country unless the company has contracts in place for large projects that often require more workers. The work visa process must be initiated through the Department of Labor in Libya.

Work visa procedure:

Step 1: To apply for a work visa the applicant must have a job offer from a Libyan company;

Step 2: The company initiates the process by submitting an application to the Employment Department for work visa approval providing a copy of the applicant's passport an invitation letter prepared by the company, and the required fees;

Step 3: the work department approves the application and sends a copy to the immigration service;

Step 4: The immigration department prepares the actual "work visa approval" and sends a copy to the Libyan embassy in the applicant's country of origin;

Step 5: The applicant visits the embassy, pays the relevant fees, and affixes a visa stamp to the passport.

Passport Requirements

You need to make sure that the passport meets the following legal requirements:

The passport must be valid for the duration of your stay in Libya and at least six months when you leave Libya;

The passport does not have an Israeli stamp

The passport must have at least two blank pages.

Validity of work visa

The initial work visa is usually granted for three months. Then the visa can be extended to the territory of Libya. If expats leave Libya for vacation or business, they must visit the police station within the first week of arrival and have their passports stamped. Expats residing in Libya on a resident visa must formally obtain an exit/re-entry visa each time they leave and return to the country. The only exception to this rule is if an expat has a multiple-entry resident visa so it is best to apply for this category from the very beginning.

While a lot of people see great opportunities to live and work in Libya the question “Is Libia a safe place to live and work” remains. The security situation is improving significantly every day. Libyans are extremely generous and hospitable. They are very friendly to foreigners who come here to live, work and visit. Libyans are happy that their country is no longer isolated from the world and that it is a safe place to live and work.