Work visa to Israel in 2024: requirements and employment programs for foreigners



Work visa to Israel in 2024: requirements and employment programs for foreigners

Hundreds of thousands of labor migrants dream of finding a stable and well-paid job. Israel offers expats excellent employment opportunities and decent working conditions. Learn more about the peculiarities of the Israeli labor market and the procedure for obtaining a work visa in 2024

Order a consultation with a migration specialist to avoid unpleasant situations during the move
Order a consultation with a migration specialist to avoid unpleasant situations during the move

Coming to Israel and staying there is not an easy task. Especially if you do not meet the requirements for immigrants. However, it is possible. In particular, as long as you have official employment with a work permit and a valid work visa. 

According to the Law on Foreign Workers, long-term official employment in Israel entitles a foreigner to permanent residence. However, this is difficult to achieve, as upon expiration of the visa, foreigners are required to either provide grounds for extending their stay in the country or leave. The issuance of labor visas in Israel is strictly regulated. According to statistics, most labor migrants come to Israel from Georgia, Moldova, Greece and Romania.

Work visa in Israel

Obtaining a work visa to Israel is a complicated process that requires compliance with certain procedures and the availability of the necessary documents. It is important to know that there are different types of work visas in Israel, each of which has its own requirements and procedures for obtaining.

Types of work visas:

1. B/1 visa is the most common type of work visa for skilled workers;

2. B/2 visa - short-term visa for temporary work;

3. A/2 visa - visa for scientists, teachers and researchers.

Steps to obtain a B/1 work visa

1. Find an employer. The first and most important step is to find an Israeli employer who is willing to offer you a job. The employer must have a work permit for foreign workers;

2. Obtaining a work permit. The employer submits an application for a work permit for a foreign employee to the Ministry of the Interior of Israel. It is important that the employer provides all the necessary documents and justifies the need to hire a foreigner;

3. Preparation of documents. After obtaining a work permit, the employee must prepare the following documents:

- A foreign passport valid for at least 6 months after the expiration of the visa;

- A completed visa application form;

- Passport-size photographs;

- A copy of the work permit;

- Medical insurance;

- Certificate of no criminal record.

4. Submission of documents. The collected documents are submitted to the Israeli consulate or embassy in the applicant's country of residence. You may have to make an appointment for an interview;

5. Interview. During the interview, you may be asked about your work, qualifications, and plans for staying in Israel. It is important to be prepared to answer all questions clearly and confidently.

The B/1 work visa can be renewed. The renewal procedure is usually simpler, but also requires submission of the necessary documents and confirmation from the employer.

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Peculiarities of employment in Israel

The first and most important thing that a potential employee should know is that Israel usually does not support the hiring of foreigners in local companies. The only exceptions are in the field of IT, medicine, and leading engineers of various innovative projects. Therefore, before employing a foreigner, the employer must obtain accreditation from the Israeli Ministry of the Interior and obtain the appropriate permit. 

For legal employment, a foreign worker will need to obtain two documents:

A work permit in Israel

The package of papers required to obtain this document is submitted to the Ministry of the Interior by the employer. That is why he will have to prove the impossibility of finding a relevant specialist within the country, and he also undertakes to provide guarantees on employment, minimum wages, taxation, etc. The permit will be assigned to the initiating company. Therefore, in case of a change of employer, you need to go through the entire process again. 

Employment visa type B1

The initial validity of an open visa is 30 days. During this period, the foreigner must travel to Israel and submit a package of documents to the local Ministry of Internal Affairs for registration and extension of the visa for a year. All subsequent extensions take place annually. The maximum period during which a foreigner can stay in the country on the basis of a work visa is 5 years. Both the permit and the visa specify the type of activity and the employing company. Therefore, a change of employment will require a change of visa. 

Important! Despite the fact that Israel has opened its borders to citizens of more than 100 countries, official entry into the country for employment is possible only with a work visa. Looking for a job during the visa-free period and working illegally is a serious violation for which a foreigner may be deported and banned from entering Israel.  

Employment programs for foreigners in Israel

The easiest way to obtain an employment visa to Israel is to be a worthy candidate for a job in the state economy that requires foreign specialists. In particular:

1. Innovative visa type B2. This is an experimental procedure for simplified visa obtainment for startup entrepreneurs in the field of IT, technology and robotics. 

2. Visas for caregivers. Every year, Israel issues up to 50,000 visas of this type for foreigners (mostly women or married couples) who have an education that allows them to take care of sick or elderly people. Typically, caregivers are sought for permanent residence in the home of the person who needs care. The residence includes the responsibility to maintain cleanliness and order. 

3. Work permit for foreign experts. If a foreigner holds leading positions in the world's best companies and can prove that he or she has the relevant competencies, he or she can be employed as a consultant. The Ministry of Economy expects that the presence of this personnel will allow the employer to expand its business and increase the number of jobs for Israelis.

The level of average salary by profession in Israel 

Every year, hundreds of startups are launched in Israel and representative offices of international companies are opened, which contributes to the growth of the economy. The tourism industry is also actively developing, attracting more visitors from all over the world. Skillful government actions combined with innovative approaches are raising the level of education, employment, and income.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, in 2024, the average salary in Israel was NIS 10,073 (approximately USD 2,817) per month. The unemployment rate in the country is currently 4.5%. 

Salaries vary depending on the industry: from NIS 4,600 (USD 1,295) in the social sector to NIS 27,000 (USD 7,599) in the energy and mining sector. Workers with higher education and knowledge of Hebrew and foreign languages are in high demand.

Salaries in Tel Aviv are higher than in smaller cities, but the cost of living is also much higher. Although the average salary of NIS 10,073 seems like a significant amount, the cost of food, transportation, and utilities makes life expensive. 65% of workers earn less than NIS 7,500 (USD 1,970). The middle class of the employed population is made up of citizens who earn between 7,500 and 9,500 NIS ($1,970-2,673 USD).

The minimum wage in Israel depends on the age of the employee and the nature of the salary calculation. Some companies offer a fixed rate, while others offer hourly pay or a piece-rate system. All employees, regardless of nationality, are entitled to remuneration not lower than the minimum level. 

The state has set the minimum hourly wage at NIS 26.88 (USD 7.56). If you work up to 43 hours per week, the monthly rate is NIS 5,000 (USD 1,405). The daily salary for a six-day workweek is NIS 200 (USD 56.23), and for a five-day workweek it is NIS 230 (USD 64.67).

How much do less skilled workers earn?

Earnings for laborers in Israel are quite difficult, especially for construction workers, machine operators, drivers, and welders. The average salary for construction workers is NIS 9,113 (USD 2,565). At the same time, work on the construction of civilian facilities is better paid than the arrangement of industrial premises.

Skilled welders can easily find work at companies that manufacture products for industry and the public. Employers highly value migrants with Slavic roots. The average salary of a welder in Israel is about 30 shekels per hour, which equals 7,000-8,500 shekels ($1,970-2,390) per month for an eight- to ten-hour workday.

Tram drivers in Jerusalem, as well as drivers of other vehicles, earn between NIS 9,300 and 11,100 (USD 2,617-3,124). It depends on the type of transportation and the specifics of the job.

Women looking for work in Israel often find vacancies as nurses, governesses, waitresses, and teachers. Many immigrants from the CIS countries work as nurses because of the high costs of care services offered by public clinics and special centers. The salary of caregivers in Israel is 4,600-8,400 NIS (USD 1,295-2,364) per month. This makes their services more profitable for employers.

How much do skilled workers earn in Israel?

If you are in doubt whether it is worth going to work in Israel, pay attention to the salaries of skilled workers. For example, financiers and bank employees earn between 15,000 and 16,000 shekels ($4,217-4,500). Some representatives of this industry (less than 5%) receive more than NIS 20,000 (USD 5,623) per month.

Employees of the largest national energy companies can boast an income of NIS 20,000-22,000 (USD 5,623-6,185). In the electricity and water sectors, one can expect a high level of income. By comparison, officials earn about NIS 13,500 (USD 3,795).

Igor Usyk - Head of Legal Department at Visit World

To ensure a safe move to Israel, I advise you to contact a specialist. My colleagues, qualified specialists with legal education, will help you avoid unpleasant situations during migration abroad.

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