How to apply for a work visa in Nicaragua: requirements for foreigners



How to apply for a work visa in Nicaragua: requirements for foreigners

Nicaragua's tropical climate, vibrant culture, and low cost of living make this central African country a desirable destination for expats from all over the world. If a person plans to expand their activities in Nicaragua need to make sure that the necessary visas and permits to live and work in Nicaragua are present.

Types of work visas in Nicaragua

While citizens of some countries require a visa to travel to Nicaragua there are a few countries whose citizens are exempt from this requirement, including:



El Salvador;






All EU member states.

Citizens of these countries may be classified as category A citizens. These persons may purchase a tourist card valid for 90 days upon arrival in Nicaragua. Other foreign nationals are in categories B and C. They can enter the country by applying for a tourist visa which works in the same way as a tourist card.

Many expatriates who plan to live and work in Nicaragua on a short-term basis choose this method. However, they will need a work permit to do so. Also, it is necessary to leave the country to renew this visa every 90 days. Employees who plan to stay in Nicaragua for an extended period must apply for a residence visa.

There are two types of resident visas in Nicaragua: temporary residence visas valid for one year and permanent residence visas. Despite the name, a permanent residence visa is valid for five years. Foreign nationals who plan to work in Nicaragua for up to one year must obtain a work permit. In order to work for a company in Nicaragua on a long-term basis, foreign employees must obtain a temporary residence visa.


Requirements for obtaining a work visa in Nicaragua

Foreign workers must apply for a temporary residence visa to work in Nicaragua. Applicants must provide the following documents:

Two passport photos;

Passport valid for at least six months;

A properly completed visa application form;

An official letter from an employer in Nicaragua confirming the applicant's income;

Original birth certificate, as well as a photocopy;

Checking for criminal records from any country in which the applicant has resided during the previous five-year period;

A medical document confirming that the applicant has no known infectious diseases;

Cash deposit to pay for deportation of the applicant if necessary.

Although a temporary residence permit is issued for an initial period of one year it can be renewed. After three years of residence in Nicaragua as a temporary resident foreign nationals will be required to apply for permanent residence. This status must be renewed every five years as long as the person resides in Nicaragua. Download our checklist where we describe in detail the mistakes during registration to get a residence and work permit in the country without any problems. With this checklist, you will be able to prevent the problems that many face.

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