Medicine and healthcare in Nicaragua: health insurance, hospitals



Medicine and healthcare in Nicaragua: health insurance, hospitals

Nicaragua is a country located in Central America with a population of about 7 million people. A country with a small gross domestic product, and, accordingly, a poor population. The medical industry on its territory is represented by two types of institutions - public and private. Rural areas often lack basic sanitation facilities. However, in large cities, there are a sufficient number of private and public clinics, whose employees are able to provide any medical assistance up to surgical intervention.

Information about medicine in Nicaragua for foreigners

Public clinics mainly serve only the local poor. Foreigners can apply to such an institution only for emergency assistance. Regardless of the specific institution, medical staff will do their best to provide first aid. If the damage is not serious, they most likely will not even charge you and activate the insurance.

However, if a foreigner who has arrived is faced with a serious health problem, it is necessary to contact a well-paid clinic for a detailed diagnosis. On the territory of Nicaragua, there are many modern hospitals equipped with all the necessary equipment to perform complex medical procedures. Doctors working in private clinics are highly qualified. Most of them studied abroad.

Most health facilities designed to serve the majority of the population face a shortage of doctors. This is due to the high cost of education and the lack of traditional medical schools and universities. Therefore, most applicants who want to work as doctors are forced to study abroad. And not everyone can afford it for various reasons.

If a foreigner has a disease that needs to be treated on a regular basis, it is better to take the medication with you. The fact is that in Nicaragua there is often a shortage of various medicines. This is related to the pharmaceutical industry and logistics. Health insurance is also strongly recommended, which will be discussed below.

Hospitals in Nicaragua

If the need arises, it makes sense to contact large medical institutions of a public or private type. For a foreigner who has insurance, payment will be free, all costs will be covered by the insurance company. The following is a short list of the most popular and major hospitals located in Nicaragua. You can easily find detailed information and their locations on the Internet (the official language in Nicaragua is Spanish, so some names are given in it).

1. New Military Hospital.

2. Hospital Monte España.

3. Fernando Velez Paiz Hospital.

4. Hospital Manolo Morales.

5. Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas.

6. Hospital Bautista.

7. Bertha Calderon.

8. Hospital Cruz Azul.

9. Hospital Solidaridad.

10. Hospital San Jose.

This list is incomplete. There are many more medical institutions of various types and specializations in the country. In particular, for the treatment of various diseases. In order to have more information about medical institutions and know how to act in a given situation, it is recommended to buy a checklist about Nicaragua from a professional migration agency.

Health insurance in Nicaragua

Since the medical industry in Nicaragua is underdeveloped, it is recommended to buy insurance before traveling to this country. Turning to professional insurance agents, you will have the opportunity to choose the option that is best suited for a temporary or permanent stay in Nicaragua. It is also recommended to be vaccinated against infectious diseases, although according to statistics, no epidemics have been recorded in the country over the past decades. And of course, you should definitely get vaccinated against the COVID-19 coronavirus. When crossing the border, the border guards will definitely ask you for an electronic or paper version of the vaccination policy.

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