Best countries with highly developed work-life balance



Best countries with highly developed work-life balance

If you ask Google, in the first preview it will answer that according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the best balance between life and work is in Italy.
The data in question overviews the nuances of state labour laws, including the number of working hours, vacation days, and national holidays (bringing Iran with its 27 public holidays a year into the top 5 in 2022), levels of salaries, happiness, and GDP.
Despite this matter and the subjectivity of the "balance between work and leisure” concept  — the Italians will interpret it differently than the Danes, residents of the United States, or the above-mentioned Iran —  these ratings are not reliable. At least if you strive to find a country with an ideal work & life balance. It is better to dive into a little private investigation and to look for the sites where the amount of working time, monetization, lifestyle, and standard of living will resonate with your ideas and values.
Yet we will try to help calibrate your internal compass by offering a list of three countries with an excellent balance of work and free time.


It is a safe, economically developed, ecological country with a high level of social protection, medicine, and standards of living.
It can be fairly called a paradise for introverts and connoisseurs of a quiet, simple, but comfortable life. There is a low population density, but high respect for personal boundaries. As well as a low volume of working hours, which allows for having a sufficient and pleasant life. A bountiful but not luxurious or crazy rich one. As for the locals, they value personal freedom, peace, orderliness, responsibility, consistency, and a reverent attitude toward nature.