Medicine and health care in Kiribati. Registration of health insurance and clinics for foreigners



Medicine and health care in Kiribati. Registration of health insurance and clinics for foreigners

Kiribati is a small country located on islands in the Pacific Ocean. The capital Tarawa is an archipelago of several atolls, in which the majority of the population of the state lives. Most of the islands of Kiribati remain uninhabited. The level of the economy here is quite low. Great remoteness from other developed countries does not contribute to great progress in the development of Kiribati. Therefore, one of the main areas of filling the budget is tourism. And tourists should be aware of the possibility of obtaining medical assistance.

Kiribati Medical System

Local clinics cannot provide a high level of medical care due to the lack of necessary medical equipment and highly qualified personnel. For citizens, medical services are free, but foreigners will have to pay for any type of medical care provided. The country has only 4 hospitals, 30 medical centers, and 75 clinics scattered throughout the islands. Lack of access to clean water is one of the most serious health problems in Kiribati. The water is largely undrinkable. As a result of the lack of access to clean water, diarrhea and related health problems are widespread. There are no private clinics. The government finances and manages all healthcare services on the islands.

The Central Hospital in Naverevere (Tarawa) does not always meet European standards and the treatment of serious diseases there is very risky. There is only one ambulance for all the islands. A new and fairly modern hospital has been built in Bonriki, and there is also a good clinic in Betio. Most of the outer islands have small hospitals that send all seriously ill patients to Tarawa.

When visiting Kiribati, you should have with you the necessary supply of medicines and medicines and even vitamins (local products are frankly poor in them), and in the presence of chronic diseases - the entire necessary set of funds, certified by a prescription signed by the attending physician. We strongly recommend that you take out international health insurance.

Clinics in Kiribati

The health infrastructure is also underdeveloped. In Kiribati, it is difficult to find hospital facilities, community doctors, and trained nurses. Although they meet the standards of routine care, their limited availability makes them difficult for the general population to access. With only three district-level hospitals and one specialized-level hospital, patients often have to be sent abroad in case of serious illnesses. This remote level of care can often also make timely access to medications a challenge.

The best clinics in Kiribati:

Clinic Temkin

Aneyet Pharmacy and Medical Clinic

Clinic KFHA

Bukinteva Eita Clinic

Takoronga Clinic

Clinic Ambo

The COVID-19 virus has reached this island nation, but there is no means of effective treatment here. Therefore, in case of illness, it is urgent to organize a transfer to more qualified and equipped medical equipment clinics in neighboring countries.

Therefore, the relevance of obtaining medical insurance is very high. An additional bonus of obtaining medical insurance is the simplification of obtaining a visa. Always carefully study what exactly the insurance covers, so that in case of serious injuries or illnesses, you can get help not only in Kiribati but also outside the country. Thus, medicine in Kiribati is very poorly developed, and the sanitary situation does not meet international safety standards.