How to move to Kyrgyzstan for permanent residence: a guide on the main issues

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How to move to Kyrgyzstan for permanent residence: a guide on the main issues

Kyrgyzstan is a state located in the northeast of Central Asia. Local flavor, oriental exoticism, untouched nature, warm hospitality, cultural customs, and traditions of Kyrgyzstan, attract a large number of tourists every year. Many who have been here for travel are beginning to consider the possibility of moving to permanent residence in this country.

Kyrgyzstan is a fairly developed CIS country in economic terms. Dominant positions are occupied by such industries as:

• service sector (tourism, hospitality, healthcare, transport, education);

•agriculture (animal husbandry, vegetable growing, horticulture, beekeeping);

• industry (non-ferrous metallurgy and mining);

• gold mining (Kyrgyzstan ranks third in terms of gold mining among the CIS countries).

If you are a highly skilled worker in one of these areas, there will be no problems with work. Thus, the decision to move here for permanent residence can be very promising. But first, you need to know the features of obtaining a residence permit in Kyrgyzstan and entrust the move itself to special experts. You can get more detailed legal advice regarding immigration issues at the place of residence (residence/immigration) on the website.

Permission to enter Kyrgyzstan: visa formalities

To travel to Kyrgyzstan, many foreign residents, depending on the purpose of the visit, will need to open one of the possible visas:

• Tourist visa.

• Student visa.

• Business visa.

• Work Visa.

The list of documents for opening a visa is submitted at the nearest consulate of the Kyrgyz Republic in the applicant's country of residence. If you are from a country in which there are no embassies or diplomatic missions of the Kyrgyz Republic, you can submit documents at the consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Primary requirements:

1. Valid foreign passport.

2. Photos 3 by 4, on a light background - 1 piece.

3. Questionnaire filled in by the applicant in Russian or English.

4. If the purpose of tourism is an invitation from travel agencies, a voucher from the hotel.

5. A work permit issued by the employing company is submitted for a work visa.

6. For a trip for education, you will need an official invitation with the seal of an educational institution.

7. Travel insurance. You can buy insurance with one click on the website The service is offered in several categories, including insurance with covid coverage.

How to move to Kyrgyzstan for permanent residence: a guide on the main issues

Before applying for permanent residence status in Kyrgyzstan, foreign residents who have lived in the country for more than 6 months and have legal income must first obtain a residence permit. The basis may be one of the following options:

1. Employment. As mentioned earlier, if you are a highly skilled worker in your specialty, you will be provided with accommodation and a good salary level.

2. Business and investments. Thanks to such promising sectors as agriculture, tourism industry, mining, and industry, most foreign investors are ready to invest their money in the development of these areas. It is also worth noting that the state bodies of Kyrgyzstan encourage such types of entrepreneurial activity.

3. Education. Kyrgyzstan has a fairly high level of education, so students can count on a residence permit in this country.

After obtaining a residence permit, you need to live in Kyrgyzstan for at least 7 years and only then submit documents to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for permanent residence. Main list:

1. Valid foreign resident passport.

2. Applicant's social account number.

3. A document that confirms the legal stay on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.

4. Passport-size photos - 4 pieces.

5. A document that confirms the residence permit.

6. Completed application and application for permanent residence.

With a positive decision, in the future, you can apply for citizenship in Kyrgyzstan, but it is worth remembering: that a foreign resident will need to renounce the citizenship of his native country. For more information, please download the checklist.

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