Work in Jamaica for foreigners: work visa, jobs for foreigners



Work in Jamaica for foreigners:  work visa,  jobs for foreigners

 Jamaica is one of those countries where you can meet a lot of unemployed locals.  And unfortunately, they don't work because they want to, but because there is a high level of unemployment.

 In this country, it is so accepted that almost every job is accepted by acquaintances.  That is, it is extremely difficult for a person who does not have acquaintances or any other advantages to start working there.  No one wants to take on strangers in big family business projects.  Cafes, shops, restaurants - these are almost all family projects.  And they don't even take strangers there as labor.  If you speak English perfectly and have high qualifications, your chances are still not great.  However, there is always hope.

 If you are lucky enough to find a job, you will need to complete a probationary period.  And here this form of work is not paid.  You will be forced to work for "thank you".  If the employer suits you, then you will be able to work and receive a salary.  People with a high level of education and qualifications are highly valued in Jamaica.  There are few such specialists here, so this is a chance to find a job here.  Such popular professions as lawyers, waiters, photographers, cleaners, and managers are not needed here.  Therefore, it is so difficult to get a job here.  Local companies do not want to invest money in foreigners, pay for invitations, or issue visas and other documents.  Because of this, they are more likely to hire residents, even if they are not high-class specialists.

 There is a completely different relationship here between investors and those who plan to open their businesses.  For such applicants, there are special programs and maximum support and assistance in their endeavors.  Therefore, if you are a wealthy person, this is an ideal option for you - to open your business and work on the island.

 If all this does not stop you and you are determined to get a job on this island, you must have:

 - high level of education;

 - open work visa;

 - invitation and work permit;

 - and a great desire to work.

 Jobs for foreigners

 To get a job in Jamaica, you need to separate yourself from the vacancy.  Since the choice here is not large, as we saw from the previous data, it is there.

 • Sales manager (specialty education, work experience of at least 3 years, high level of knowledge of the English language).

 • Doctor-therapist (certificate on the possibility to conduct therapeutic activities and 5 years of work experience).

 • Teacher (you can choose any subject, you must have a certificate of education, 3 years of work experience, and high knowledge of the English language).

 • Taxi driver (3 years of driving experience, it is necessary to take on-site driving courses and obtain a permit from the police).

 • Workers in the tourism and agricultural sectors.

 Work visa for Jamaica

 It is easy to get to Jamaica for tourist purposes.  A visa is not required as you can stay on the island for a month.  However, if you are going to work or for other business purposes, you need to apply for a work visa.

 To open a visa, you need to collect the following documents:

 1. 2 copies of a foreign passport (with available free pages for a new visa);

 2. 2 photos (45x35);  the other side should have your initials;

 3. 2 questionnaires;

 4. Invitation to work from the employer.

 In general, of course, it is good to come here with money and enjoy life on the island.  However, despite everything, you can find a job here if you have a great desire.  Find your employer, get a job offer, and you can work in a wonderful country with the possibility to stay as a PR (permanent residence).

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