Employment in Germany: job search, vacancies and work visas



Employment in Germany: job search, vacancies and work visas

Germany occupies one of the first places in the ranking of the most developed and prosperous countries in the world. The road is open everywhere for young and promising specialists. If you want to work legally in the country, you should take care of a special permit that can be issued by the migration service.

Highly qualified immigrants can find a job in Germany the fastest. If you have higher education and good language skills, you have every chance to get a dream job. Germans are most in need of such specialists as: programmers, other IT workers, doctors, engineers and scientists. Even if you do not have a higher education diploma, it does not mean that all is lost. If you know German well, you can get a job with a secondary school diploma.

Ways of employment

In order to provide yourself with a good job and a decent salary, you should look for a legal job, with all the necessary documents. There are three possible types of employment:

- Legal

If you work legally, you will be entitled to social benefits and you will receive a high salary on a par with Germans. To get this opportunity, you need to be a qualified specialist in professions that are in short supply in the country, as well as have a high knowledge of the German language. Of course, you also need to have a diploma of higher education, certificates of advanced training, and the necessary set of skills and abilities.

- Illegal

There is a possibility of illegal employment. But this can only happen through intermediaries. Vacancies can be in the service sector, construction, restaurant and hotel business. However, you should not count on high salaries here. But even looking for an illegal job, you should have at least some experience and average knowledge of the German language.

Employment while studying

Another option for employment is studying at a university. In addition, such work is also considered legal. This is a great chance to get not only a quality education, but also a prestigious job in the country. For the period of study you will need to open a long-term visa. Foreign students cannot work for the first six months. They must be fully focused on their studies. In case of successful studies, the migration service will be able to issue you a work permit. Most often, this option of employment is suitable for work in social services. At such a vacancy, students can receive up to 1000 euros per month. In addition, they are provided with food and accommodation. Not a bad bonus for those who get education.

Job search and vacancies

You can start your job search from the Internet resources. This is the most optimal and affordable option. The advantage is that the Internet has most of the current vacancies that you can immediately respond to. You can also directly apply to international companies if you are a high-class specialist. To do this, it is worth preparing a resume and a story about yourself. Another option is social networks, where they often write who and where is looking for employees. You may also have some friends who can advise you about a vacancy. There are many ways, and in order to find something really worthwhile, you need to use all the possibilities.

The most popular among foreigners are vacancies:

Medical industry - surgeons, nurses, junior paramedics, anesthesiologists and narrow-profile specialists;

Transport industry - truckers, drivers, mechanics;

Construction industry - handymen, plumbers, bricklayers, etc;

Services of nurses, nannies;

Restaurant and hotel industry - dishwashers, cleaners, administrators, waiters.

Work visa to Germany

In order to get a job in Germany, you need to open a work visa. A visa that allows you to work or study is a national visa type D. Documents that are required to open such a visa:

  • Completed application form.
  • 2 photos.
  • Passport of your country (original and copy of all pages in one copy).
  • Previous passports, if any.
  • Confirmation of payment of consular fees.
  • Health insurance policy
  • Invitation to work from the employer.

Germany provides great opportunities for officially employed foreigners. Being a good specialist and working in a legal job you will have the opportunity to apply for permanent residence.