Traveling to Chad: what you need to know while traveling. The safest places in the country



Traveling to Chad: what you need to know while traveling. The safest places in the country

Due to the high risk of violent crime, kidnapping, riots, and terrorism, Chad is not considered a safe country. Chad is generally considered to be quite dangerous, especially for foreigners. If you decide to visit this country it is highly recommended that you seek professional safety advice to ensure you are as safe as possible.

Risks of traveling in taxis and public transport

The main modes of transport in Chad are buses and taxis, and they are also the cheapest means of transportation. Public transport in Chad which includes buses and taxis is not the safest or most reliable. We would say that Chad's transport and taxi risks are quite high.

Risks of becoming a victim of pickpockets

Pickpocketing and other petty crimes usually occur in commercial and market areas and tend to increase at night. Local police and security forces or people impersonating them may try to extract money from travelers through bogus fines and intimidation. Since the risk of pickpockets is high in Chad it is imperative to seek professional safety advice before traveling.

Risk of robbery and terrorism

In Chad, the number of terrorist attacks has increased over the past few years. Terrorist groups such as Boko Haram (BG) and ISIS-ZA are known to terrorize both civilian and military targets and the number of attacks is only increasing. From this, we can conclude that Chad has a high risk of terrorism and robbery.

Risk of being scammed

Chad does not have online sources dealing specifically with fraud but police impersonation, nepotism and bribery are widespread problems. Corruption among investors and government officials is also common meaning that anyone closely associated with these sectors should be extremely careful. This information indicates that there is a high risk of fraud/corruption in Chad.

Risk for female travelers

While there is no data on crimes against female travelers in Chad the US and UK governments have issued travel advisories suggesting that they reconsider their desire to travel to the country. And since women tend to be more attacked in places with limited economic opportunities women are strongly discouraged from traveling to Chad especially alone.

Risk of poisoning with tap water

With one of the world's lowest levels of sanitation and access to clean drinking water Chad has a long way to go to improve in this area. However, access is improving in urban areas such as N'Djamena Chad's capital. Thus, the risk associated with piped water is medium to high in urban areas and high in rural areas.

The safest places in the country

Despite the country's high crime rate, ongoing conflicts and lack of access to sanitation Chad is unique and impressive in its way.

Some of the best places in Chad include:


N'Djamena is Chad's capital and the largest city which combines modern and traditional cultures.

Here modern buildings often coexist with brick houses which is a vivid reminder of the economic state of this country.

Despite this the city is filled with culture and life you can explore the history of Chad by visiting the national museum and buying souvenirs in the central market.


This city which used to be the site of the French colonial fort of Archambault is located on the Chari River about 350 miles from N'Djamena. Sarah's warm and humid climate makes it ideal for the production of cotton which is the city's main export. Although there are not many tourists in Sarah the city has a vibrant performing arts scene that is sure to keep tourists entertained for hours.

 Places to avoid in Chad

Flashpoints of violent conflict and terrorist attacks include Chad's borders with Sudan, Libya the Central African Republic, and the area around the Lake Chad basin. Northern Chad has seen violent conflicts with armed rebels and terrorist attacks, especially from Boko Haram (BH).

Stay away from mass gatherings, especially protests, as they can escalate into violent outbursts. At the same time be extremely vigilant when you are in remote areas as there is a greater chance of being kidnapped. Currently, the western Tibesti region bordering Niger, as well as the Sila and Ouaddai regions are in a state of emergency due to fighting between rival ethnic groups.

Chad is not the safest country to visit mainly due to ongoing violent conflicts, terrorist attacks, crime rates, and corruption. If you are a very experienced traveler who knows how to respond to a wide range of serious emergencies such as armed conflicts you can still visit Chad which will certainly provide an unforgettable experience. But do not forget about travel insurance from Visit World which can protect you in case of unforeseen circumstances.