How to find a job in the Republic of Chad: features of living in the country, work visa



How to find a job in the Republic of Chad: features of living in the country, work visa

The Republic of Chad is located in the heart of the African continent. Although the country is rich in colorful traditions and tropical exoticism, economic development is very low. It is one of the poorest countries in the world. But this situation makes it possible to find jobs in Chad for foreign professionals who are looking for work abroad, not having enough qualifications for first-class international companies. For more information on labor emigration opportunities to Chad and how to work abroad, check out the checklist.

Features of employment in Chad

The main sector of the Chadian economy, which provides the majority of foreign exchange earnings is agriculture. Accordingly, more than 80% of the local population works in the agricultural sector. The Republic is also actively developing mining and oil, the export of which brings a large part of the income to the state budget.

Therefore, foreigners have the best chance to get a job at the oil refineries. Sometimes African employers are looking for experienced foreign specialists to work as engineers, managers, technicians, IT specialists, geologists, chemists, mechanics, electricians, etc.

Another way to migrate to Chad is to work in volunteer centers that provide humanitarian aid and financial support to the local population. International organizations recruit teams of volunteers from different countries. Most often these humanitarian missions need specialists in the fields of education, medicine, communication and social work.

Because Chad was once a French colony, French is the second official language in the country after Arabic. It is these languages that are usually used in business and business communication. So knowledge of English alone will not be sufficient for employment in a Chadian company. Using only English is possible except in the case of work from abroad, when the employee is in another country.

Work Visa to Chad

Almost all foreigners must obtain a visa to enter Chad. Only nationals of Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Benin, Gabon, Niger, Congo and Equatorial Guinea have the right to stay in the country without a visa no more than 90 days. For a longer stay in Chad, you must obtain a work visa. A single-entry visa is valid for one month, and a multiple-entry visa is valid for three months.

Documents required for both types of work visa:

- original passport;

- filled in application form;

- copy of air tickets;

- photo of standard size;

- letter of invitation from employer;

- proof of residence;

- certificate of vaccination against yellow fever;

- details of the person who is financially responsible for the foreigner;

- A letter from the company with information about job duties.

Also, all foreigners who plan to be officially employed in Chad need a work permit. This must be obtained by the employer by submitting a request to the National Employment Office. After that, the company must conclude an employment contract with the future employee. A legal advisor can help with all the necessary documents.

Peculiarities of living in the country

The Republic of Chad is characterized by a high crime rate. After all, there are many terrorist groups operating on the territory of the country. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the issue of security when moving to Chad. Foreigners should carefully check their future place of work or the situation in the region, so as not to fall into the hands of criminals preying on the citizens of other states for ransom.

Some diseases common in Chad also pose a threat to foreigners. For example, the lack of clean drinking water leads to outbreaks of intestinal infectious diseases. Necessary medicines are often unavailable or difficult to obtain. Therefore, before traveling to Chad, it is recommended to get vaccines against meningitis, hepatitis, typhoid, yellow fever, and to take preventive measures against malaria.

The ability to provide care in local hospitals is limited. After all, the level of medical care in the country is quite low. Emergency medical care for foreigners is also not provided. The only option for foreign nationals to receive treatment is to apply to private medical institutions. But the cost of services provided by private doctors is very high. Therefore, before a trip to Chad, you should obtain international health insurance.

Foreigners staying in Chad for a long time, it is better not to forget about the special legal regulations in the country and observance of Muslim traditions by the inhabitants. This is especially true for the northern regions of the country, where the local population practicing Islam in the most orthodox form. For example, it is better for women here to avoid short skirts and open arms.

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