How to move to the United Arab Emirates for permanent residence: required documents and duration of stay in the UAE

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How to move to the United Arab Emirates for permanent residence: required documents and duration of stay in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is an insanely rich and beautiful country in the middle of a hot desert. 360 days of sunshine and the warm, clear waters of the Persian Gulf. The United Arab Emirates attracts immigrants from all over the world because of its oriental flair and security. If you are thinking of moving to the United Arab Emirates, check out this article...

How to get UAE citizenship? Types of stay in the United Arab Emirates

Children of UAE citizens can obtain citizenship by birth. The applicant's spouse and minor children can also obtain UAE citizenship. You do not have to surrender your passport at home. However, if you acquire or lose citizenship in another country, you are required to notify the UAE Ministry of the Interior.

Naturalization implies that a foreigner must have lived in the UAE for at least 30 years. Only those who have a high reputation in the country and have a stable source of income can apply. Foreigners must also be fluent in Arabic. Applicants must give up their passports from other countries to obtain UAE citizenship by naturalization.

Marriage only gives citizenship to women whose future spouse is a UAE citizen. However, your spouse must have lived with you for at least five years before you can apply for citizenship. Merit passports for special services to the state. Merit Passports are awarded personally by the rulers of the Emirate.

Investors will NOT be able to obtain citizenship for their investment, only long-term visas to live and work in this country. The issuance period is either 5 or 10 years. A five-year visa will be issued for investing AED 5 million (about $1.36 million) in real estate. You must own the property for at least 3 years.

A 10-year visa will be granted for an investment in a business worth $10 million or about $2.7 million. Foreigners can either open a deposit in a bank for this amount or register their company in the UAE.

Documents required

Apart from a passport, you need another important document to obtain all the rights of a UAE citizen. A family book (also known as Khulasat Al Qaid) is where the head of the household, usually a man, inscribes his wife and children. If the parent does not have such documents, the child cannot be granted UAE citizenship. By the way, the period of the marriage of a foreign woman married to a UAE citizen is not the time of the marriage, but the time of registration of the family book of the spouse.

The UAE embassy will deal with the citizenship issue. All documents and conditions will be considered before a decision is made. It may take a day or even a year for the applicant to be processed. If the application is approved, the applicant will have to go to the Registry Department where a passport will be issued.

At the same time as applying, the following package of documents must be submitted:

1. The text of the application (the same as the application form)

2. Passport of the country of arrival

3. Identity card, who has a residence permit or a permanent residence permit.

4. Photo (for passport), full-face.

5. Household book (copy and original).

6. Receipt confirming payment of fees

7. Courier sticker (paid).

Length of stay in the United Arab Emirates

As stated earlier, to obtain UAE citizenship you must have lived in the country for at least 30 years, have a good reputation, and have a stable source of income. Also, foreigners need to be fluent in Arabic. Applicants must surrender their passports to other countries to obtain UAE citizenship by naturalization.

General Information

Foreigners must obtain the approval of the Cabinet, the Sovereign, and the Executive Council of the Emirates to obtain UAE citizenship. Foreigners who meet the conditions are sworn in and given a passport of the country.

This change provides for amendments to the Ordinance Enacting Federal Law No. 17 of 1972 concerning citizenship and passports. The government is in the process of amending the law to attract more wealthy people, scholars, and intellectuals who will contribute to the development and prosperity of the nation.

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