Portugal Travel Tips and Advice: Entry Features and Visa Requirements



Portugal Travel Tips and Advice: Entry Features and Visa Requirements

From cosmopolitan cities and remote villages to vibrant beach resorts and spectacular national parks. Portugal offers an incredibly diverse range of attractions for visitors. Each corner of the country has its unique attractions and finding the best place to visit depends largely on your interests. For water adventures on sun-drenched beaches, the Algarve will be the best place; for a tour of historic cities filled with architecture head to Évora.

Find out more about the Portuguese healthcare system, insurance for foreigners and medical tourism here.

We have prepared a summary of the best places to visit in Portugal


Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and one of the most attractive cities in Europe. Situated on the banks of the Tagus River this lively Atlantic port is scattered over a series of hills. Exploring the city's historic center is a journey into its fascinating heritage exemplified by the famous visitor attractions such as the mighty São Jorge Castle and Alfama, the oldest part of Lisbon.


Charming Sintra is one of the pearls of sparkling Portugal. Recognized by UNESCO for its remarkable cultural landscape. It is worth setting aside a whole day to visit this historic and fascinating city. This is one of the most popular day trips from Lisbon.


One of Portugal's premier resort towns Lagos basks in the warmth of the Algarve sun and is the preferred holiday destination for the thousands of visitors who flock to the country's south coast every year.

Known for the fabulous beaches that line the city on either side Lagos is also home to some truly magical rock formations that tower over the sea caves.

Arrábida Natural Park

Arrábida Natural Park is located just 40 kilometers south of Lisbon away from the noise of the city. The park is a haven for wildlife and an ideal place for cyclists, hikers, and other outdoor activities. Meanwhile, true adventurers can indulge in rock climbing, walking, jumping, and swimming on the rocky coast of Arrábida.

Tips and advice for traveling in Portugal

Traveling to Portugal remember these top tips and tricks to make your vacation as smooth as possible:

You need to make sure that the accommodation has air conditioning because it gets very warm in Portugal and one of the quickest ways to ruin a trip is if the accommodation does not have air conditioning.

Renting a car is a great way to travel around Portugal if you want to visit more than one place. It's perfect for getting off the beaten track and also another fabulous way to find quieter spots when traveling during peak season.

Take some cash with you. There are many street artists in Portugal to donate to so carrying cash is a good idea. Many stores also have a minimum amount that you need to spend if you want to pay with a card, therefore, this will help to avoid such situations.

Many museums are free on the first Sunday of the month. If you want to save money then this is a great tip to remember. Of course, this depends on each museum so be sure to check beforehand.

Rent a car to move around the country

If you plan to rent a car don't forget your driver's license. Tourists from certain countries may need an International Driving Permit so check with your rental company and obtain one before travel if necessary. Drivers with UK, US, and Canadian licenses do not need an IDP. You also need to have documents for the car and an identity card.

Features of entry into the country and visa requirements

For EU citizens traveling by car, it is not necessary to present a passport or national identity card. But airlines, rail operators, and ferry companies will require you to show your passport. A visa is not required if the stay is less than 90 days. Citizens of countries outside the EU need to have a valid passport, a return ticket, and enough funds to live in the country. To check visa requirements for Portugal, it is best to contact the embassy.

Passing customs at Lisbon airport

Sometimes there is a very long line at customs. If you have an EU passport or you are already a resident of Portugal you can use the EU passport line to avoid the queue.

If this is not possible the Priority Passport Line which is primarily reserved for the crew is also available to the disabled, pregnant women, the elderly, or travelers with children under the age of two. If none of the options are suitable you will have to stand in line for a long time.

Entry to Portugal with pets

When importing pets from another EU country the pet must have a microchip or tattoo, an EU pet passport, and a valid rabies vaccination certificate.

Healthcare in Portugal

Travel insurance from Visit World is recommended for all travelers. In certain medical cases, EU citizens can receive free treatment if they can present a valid European Health Insurance Card. Hospitals in Portugal are well-equipped and the staff is experienced. Pharmacies provide over-the-counter consultations and sell standard medicines.

Portugal is a sunny, friendly, and laid-back southern European country on the Iberian Peninsula that is worth a visit at least once in a lifetime. To avoid problems with customs clearance and visa processing, download our checklist, which lists the tips and mistakes that every tourist makes when traveling to Portugal.