Prospects for higher education in Fiji and popular specialties for applicants



Prospects for higher education in Fiji and popular specialties for applicants

A paradise island washed by crystal clear ocean waves – this is how Fiji appears in our imagination. This island country in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is full of tourists all year round, who come in search of an exotic vacation. But can the Republic become a place of opportunity and career development? We suggest finding out how to get to college in Fiji and which educational areas are worth choosing.

Higher education in Fiji

Although the Republic of Fiji brings together more than 300 islands, only a third of them are inhabited. Thus, there are only 3 universities in the country. Two universities are located in the capital Suva, and one in the second largest city of Lautoce. Convenient study for foreigners in Fiji will be possible due to the presence of English among the country's official languages. Studying at Fijian universities is fee-based for most students, except for holders of special scholarships from state or international organizations. The university preparation and admission process is detailed in our checklist.

Fijians can enter university based on the results of their final exams after completing their secondary education. Applicants take 4 or 5 subjects. Once enrolled at the university, all students, regardless of their chosen specialty, must complete a core course within one year. Fijian universities offer educational degrees such as bachelor's, master's, and doctor of science. The duration of most bachelor's degrees is two years, although in some fields it can be as long as five.

Best university in Fiji

The University of the South Pacific consistently leads the way in terms of quality of education in various educational rankings. Alumni of this university hold top positions in government agencies not only in Fiji, but also in many other countries. The uniqueness of the university lies in the fact that it simultaneously belongs to the 12 island countries of Oceania. The university's main campus, which manages all administrative functions, is located in Fiji's capital. The educational institution is also an international center for Pacific cultural studies.

You can get an education at South Pacific University in 8 faculties:

  • accounting, finance, and economics;
  • business and management;
  • information technology, engineering, mathematics, and physics;
  • agriculture, geography, environment, oceans, and life sciences;
  • pacific arts, communications, and education;
  • law and social sciences;
  • fundamental research;
  • Pacific Center for Environment and Sustainable Development.

Most promising majors at Fiji's universities

Management is a field where there will always be job vacancies. Sales managers are especially popular in tourist Fiji. Therefore, choosing this specialty during education will guarantee a stable future.

The professions of doctors and physiotherapists are among the prestigious categories in Fiji. After all, jobs in the medical field are among the best paid. In addition, tourists often come to Fiji to improve their health. However, studying medicine will take much more time compared to other specialties.

Tourism brings a huge share of revenue to the national budget. Therefore, studying in the hotel, restaurant, and tourism industry will be beneficial for those who want to develop their own business or work in the service sector. Thanks to professional education, you will better master the requests of foreign tourists and understand the methods of fulfilling these interests.

Fiji student visa

Foreigners who wish to get an education in Fiji must obtain a study permit. It is issued for a period of up to three years with the possibility of extension (if the educational program provides for it). You can only apply for a student visa after you have enrolled at a university. Note that this type of visa prohibits any employment in Fiji for foreign students.