Advantages of studying in Monaco: how to get an education, tuition fees and student visa



Advantages of studying in Monaco: how to get an education, tuition fees and student visa

Monaco is a small incredibly beautiful country where the sun always shines. Monaco attracts not only many tourists, but also students who dream of studying here. The country has only one university, but it plays a big role. After all, the country provides many advantages for students who get an education here.

Advantages of studying in Monaco

Monaco has a high standard of living. There are many wealthy people here, and in general, although the country is small, it is quite developed. People remain to live in the luxurious conditions offered by the country. Also, a big plus is that there are no taxes and capital gains. The yacht business and banking businesses are flourishing here. After studying, you can build your career in the field of tourism, finance, marketing, or business. In addition, students at the end of their studies undergo internships at such prestigious companies: as Fendi, Puma, Yacht Club de Monaco, and Porsche. And after graduating from university, students can get a job here.

While studying in Monaco, you can live in neighbouring countries, because the road here is very close, and it will be easy to get to study. However, for this, you will need to issue a PMP.  It is very comfortable to live here. After all, the climate in the country is mild Mediterranean (summer — up to +26°C, winter — up to +8°C). The University of Monaco always tries to make the life of students interesting and rich.  All kinds of parties themed holidays, and competitions are constantly organized here. This allows students to develop in many ways.  Also, students here can go to restaurants, cafes, movies, and fitness clubs and buy plane tickets with discounts.

 How to get an education in Monaco

In the country, you can get an education at one university, the International University of Monaco. About 650 students enter here every year. On average, you will have to pay $18,038 per year of study. The university has one bachelor's program and 5 master's programs. You can also get doctoral degrees. Also, to see how the study goes, you can first go to summer courses at the university. The course program will help develop teamwork, creativity, and the ability to quickly solve various problems.  Also, here you can improve your English.

If you do well at university and have leadership qualities, you may be eligible for a scholarship. A scholarship in Monaco is about $1,000 to $5,000 per month.

 Visa to Monaco

To go to a country to study, you need to open a long-term visa.  For this, it is necessary to collect the following documents:

 ✔ Foreign passport and copies of the necessary pages (valid for at least 3 months);

 ✔ Copies of all pages of your country's passport;

 ✔ birth certificate;

 ✔ 4 colour photos (3.5x4.5);

 ✔ Proof of residence in Monaco;

 ✔ Completed questionnaire;

 ✔ Admission letter from the university;

 ✔ Medical insurance;

 ✔ Certificate of sufficient funds for living.

Also, all foreign students must apply for a residence permit in the country.  Such a permit can be obtained at the Police Centre in Monaco. It will be necessary to submit the same documents as for the visa, as well as the visa itself, student card, and passport photos.

The cost of studying in Monaco

Since Monaco is a rather expensive country, the standard of living here is high, so accommodation is not cheap. The cost of studying at the University of Monaco is much higher than, for example, in other European countries. On average, you will have to pay $8,000 for education per academic session.

Monaco offers good opportunities for students. In addition to learning about the world-class tourism industry and exploring marine life, you can get a quality education and live in a paradise town.

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