Treatment in Monaco: health insurance, visa for foreigners



Treatment in Monaco: health insurance, visa for foreigners

The medical system in Monaco has reached a high level, providing a wide range of medical services. Foreigners often come here to undergo various examinations and for special treatment. Monaco ranks 3rd in Europe by the number of medical workers. The country has a high life expectancy. People live approximately within 90 years. The authorities of the country devote a lot of resources to support the medical system.

Treatment in Monaco

The country is popular for its largest medical institutions, which are located in Monte Carlo.
- Princess Grey Hospital. It has round-the-clock emergency care, quality equipment and professional staff. The clinic specializes in oncology, cardiology and geriatrics.
- Private Dialysis Center of Monaco (here they treat heart and chest diseases).
- Monégasque Institute of Sports Medicine and Surgery (here they specialize in orthopedics).
For those who come to the country for the first time and want to check their health comprehensively and qualitatively, Princess Grey Hospital provides VIP service. You can consult with professional medical representatives after the examination. Sports medicine has an excellent reputation in the country. Therefore, everyone who is engaged in big sports can apply for a quality examination.
In Monaco, screenings are a very important part of any examination. Foreign clients are often screened for cholesterol, diabetes, breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, HIV, hepatitis and osteoporosis. The medical system in the country carries out various activities to influence the healthy lifestyle of the younger generation. Medical examinations are mandatory in order to monitor the dynamics of various disorders.
There are many pharmacies in the country and there is a function - doctor on call, where you can be consulted on various issues.

Important numbers in Monaco

- Emergency medical and ambulance phone number for the whole of Monaco: 9375-2525
- In case of emergency, contact the European Ambulance Service at 112.

Health insurance

Most citizens of the country have additional private insurance. This is done in order to be able to receive additional medical services and not to spend money. After all, state insurance does not cover all expenses, but only the most basic. Foreigners who come for examination or treatment must have a full package of medical insurance policy for all types of services. Medical expenses in Monaco can be quite costly. Therefore, it is worth including in your insurance program various possibilities, especially emergency hospitalization in your home country. The insurance policy should specify all possible risks in order to avoid any misunderstandings and additional costs.

Visa to Monaco

Currently, the country has a visa-free regime for Ukraine and EU countries. Those who have biometric passports can enter the country without opening a visa. If you have a regular passport, you need to collect documents in order to apply for a visa.
- Foreign passport and copies of the required pages (valid for at least 3 months);
- Copies of all pages of your passport of your country;
- 2 colour photos (3,5x4,5);
- Documents on marital status with translation into English or French;
- Completed application form;
- Certificate from the place of work (for those who work);
- Certificate from the bank about financial capabilities;
- Copies of documents on ownership of movable or immovable property with translation into English or French.
The entire medical system in Monaco is funded by the state. Ambulance is free for everyone: both citizens and foreigners. However, without insurance the cost of medical care here is high.