Features of traveling in Iran and the most interesting places to visit



Features of traveling in Iran and the most interesting places to visit

Iran is an Islamic state located in the Middle East, which keeps ancient monuments of the Persian Empire within its walls. The southern part of the country is washed by two bays: Oman and Persian. The northern part is by the Caspian Sea. Despite the fact that Iran is far from being a mass travel destination, the tourism industry is very well-developed here.

Beach tourism is represented by the popular island of Kish. This is one of the best vacation spots for families and couples. The visiting card of the beach resort is a well-groomed snow-white coastline dotted with coral chips and, of course, the azure waters of the Persian Gulf. Many argue that the beaches of Kish Island cannot be compared even with the beaches of the United Arab Emirates. It should be noted that there are no nightclubs, discos, and other entertainment of this kind on the island, as in all of Iran. But there is a well-developed sports base for entertainment and leisure activities. The resort has diving schools, a football stadium, mini-golf courses, an indoor pool in Kieran, a dolphinarium and a bird garden, several shopping centers, and much more.

For outdoor activities in the winter in Iran, there are several ski resorts. For those who are just learning to ski, Shemshak is perfect. The infrastructure includes 2 hotels, several restaurant complexes, chairlifts, and ski lifts, as well as floodlit trails for night skiing. For more experienced snowboarders and skiers, Dizin is the best ski resort. This is the highest mountainous region in Iran, thanks to which the snow depth on the upper slopes reaches 6 meters. Dizin includes more than two dozen ski lifts, chairlifts, gondola lifts, 23 ski slopes, several hotels, and cottages, as well as restaurants. The season in both cities is from November to early May.

Iranian cuisine is another advantage of the eastern state. The most delicious variations of cooking rice in combination with meat dishes are worth a try. The recommended dishes: bagali polo (rice with dill and beans); zereshk polo (lamb pilaf with barberry); traditional kebab; fesenjan (duck or chicken meat in walnut-pomegranate sauce).


Top most interesting places in Iran

Cultural and educational tourism is perhaps the main goal of many tourists. Tehran is the capital and an important sightseeing city of Iran since it is here that the largest number of palaces, museums, and other places of interest are concentrated. In addition, the most interesting monuments of the eastern country will be:

1. The symbol of Tehran is the Azadi Tower. Externally built from over 8,000 blocks of pure white marble. At the top, there is an observation deck with a magnificent view of the surroundings of Tehran. The cultural and archaeological exhibition, located inside the tower, will introduce you to the ancient history of the city.

2. Fiery Mountain Tash-Kuh. A place in the province of Khuzestan, where the flame that breaks through the holes and cracks in the mountain never goes out. The best time to visit Tash-Kuh is in the evening.

3. Kashan is a palace-city in Iran. It is here that a large number of architectural palace complexes are located. The largest of them are Irani, Tabatabaye, Ameri and

Borujerdi. An interesting fact is that the Irani Palace, which is almost 250 years old, was rebuilt into a hotel, but at the same time, the architects were able to preserve the authentic appearance of the building as much as possible.

4. Iran is also rich in natural attractions. Tabriz mountains, Shevi and Bishe waterfalls, Ali-Sadr cave, Golestan nature reserve, all this will give a lot of amazing emotions.


Safety and Basic Recommendations

Iran is a country with a relatively low crime rate, but it is better to follow the safety rules. Some tips:

1. Carefully monitor bags and personal belongings, especially in crowded places. It is better to leave all valuables on hotel safes.

2. When leaving the hotel, take a photocopy of your passport and hotel voucher with you.

3. Iran, is one of the many countries that have suffered the consequences of the coronavirus infection. Before traveling, we recommend that you clarify the rules for entering the country in connection with the COVID-19 restriction.

4. When traveling to Iran, be sure to take care of travel insurance as well.

5. Prohibition is strictly enforced in Iran, you will not find alcohol in stores, and it is forbidden to bring it with you. Smoking is also prohibited in public places.

6. Iran is a very religious country, so any talk about faith and local religion is not appropriate here.