How higher education works in Belarus



How higher education works in Belarus

Belarus is a country where you can get a quality education, not at all costs. And if you are a citizen of this country, you can get an education in Belarus for free, and even get a scholarship. In this article, we will consider the conditions of study in the country for foreigners.

As in other countries, in Belarus, you can enroll in a budget and a paid form of education. The budget is open to local students. Foreigners in the majority have the right to study for a fee. The cost depends on what form of education you choose. The education system in the country uses Belarusian and Russian during education. You can choose which language you study. Education obtained in this country is affordable and highly valued in the world. In Belarus, there are public and private educational institutions that are divided into standard and specialized universities or academies, institutes, and colleges. You can choose any form of study: full-time, part-time, or part-time. Training here lasts 5 years. Also, to attract more foreign students, English language programs are created in the country's universities.

You can also get a UK state diploma here. Because Magna Carta Colledge (Oxford) is open in Belarus.  However, tuition is paid, and there is one specialty –  business administration. British professors often come to educational institutions in Belarus and give lectures.

Documents for the educational institution

If you have already chosen an educational institution in Belarus, where you want to study, then you can start processing documents.

To receive an invitation to study at an educational institution in Belarus, you need to submit the following documents:

 • Your statement with personal data (a sample can be seen on the website of the University);

 • A copy of the diploma of education and your grades are notarized;

 • A copy of the birth certificate, notarized;

 • Copy of passport (foreign or your country);

 • A copy of your medical certificate.

Then you can go to study in Belarus. Many foreigners can stay in Belarus for 30 days without a visa. All you need is a passport, an invitation from school, and proof that you have a place to live.

When you come to Belarus, you need to bring the following documents for the selection committee:

  • Application for admission to study;
  • Education documents (originals);
  • Medical certificate of your health, certified by official health authorities;
  • Certificate of absence of HIV infections;
  • Certified copy of the birth certificate;
  • 8 photos (4x6).

Documents must be in Belarusian or Polish or translated into these languages. Many foreigners need to undergo pre-university training before studying at a university. Here you must take a language course during the year.

Accommodation and study

Students can live in dormitories. There are quite convenient and comfortable conditions for living and studying. Universities also provide temporary accommodation or help to find it. Also in Belarus, you can find quite affordable housing options not only on the outskirts but also in the center. In any case, you will not be on the street.

The most expensive institution in Belarus for a paid form of education is the Belarusian State University.  Here the cost of training per year is about 63,000 rubles. The most popular is the Faculty of International Relations, and accordingly the most expensive. Specialists who have received education on a full-time budget offer employment in the specialty after graduation.

In general, there are many applicants to study in Belarus. There are always a lot of students here, probably due to the affordability of tuition and accommodation, as well as the good quality of education.