Peculiarities of employment in Micronesia: What foreign workers need to know



Peculiarities of employment in Micronesia: What foreign workers need to know

Micronesia is an incredible and colorful region, located in the Pacific Ocean. This paradise corner with exotic landscapes is the ideal place to travel.
Even though the island is not the most perspective area for career development, it is still possible to comfortably get around and find a good job here. The labor emigration to Micronesia will become a valuable experience for foreign tourists.
But how to employment in the region, which requirements should be observed, and how to work abroad – further in the article.

What you need to do to come to the country for work

Labor migration to Micronesia requires compliance with certain requirements. In particular, foreign workers must first find a job to obtain a work permit. After all, the work visa grants the right to engage in long-term labor activity in the country.
You can search for vacancies on the resources with announcements. Here are some popular sites where work abroad is offered:
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It is only after employment in Micronesia, you can start to collect documents. It is important to know in advance about visa requirements and necessary documentation. We advise you to consult professional lawyers. After all, the visa is a painstaking process that requires accuracy.
Foreign workers can obtain work and residency permits by applying to the Federated States of Micronesia Department of Resources and Development. In general, there are several types of work visas, particular:
  • for employment under an employment contract;
  • for private employment;
  • for investment and others.
Usually, a work visa is not required for seasonal, volunteer, or short-term work. Indeed, most citizens were free to enter Micronesia and stay there for about 30 days. It is also allowed to extend the stay to three months, or more in individual cases.


Foreign workers must meet certain conditions for legal employment in Micronesia. In particular, it is necessary to have:
  • work permit and temporary residence;
  • official employment letter and employment contract;
  • work experience;
  • police permit from the country of origin;
  • medical certificate;
  • higher education certificates.
It is also desirable to speak at least English, which is common in the country. Language proficiency is a prerequisite for individual jobs.
Before you travel, make sure that you have health insurance, which will cover the costs and protect against risks in force majeure circumstances. We recommend using the services of qualified specialists to choose the right plan. Experts will provide detailed information and help to obtain reliable medical insurance.

Necessary documents

The standard set of documents for a visa includes:
  • passport valid for at least six months;
  • two color photographs;
  • confirmation of booking of tickets;
  • proof of temporary residence for the period of stay and address;
  • proof of sufficient funds for accommodation;
  • the travel route corresponding to the purpose of the stay in Micronesia;
  • health insurance.
It is also necessary to have an employment contract. Find out in advance the details of any additional documents you may require.


In Micronesia, the maximum personal income tax rate is 10 percent, and the maximum corporate tax rate is 21 percent.

Working prospects

The main industries in the country are agriculture and fishing. Also, in the last few years, tourism has been developing rapidly.
Foreign workers are often employed in the following areas:
• tourism;
• services;
• education;
• state projects, etc.
Training and volunteering are also common among migrant workers. Even if it is difficult to find suitable employment, there are always NGO volunteer vacancies on the local islands.