What to see in Armenia: necessary documents and customs regulations



What to see in Armenia: necessary documents and customs regulations

Armenia is a beautiful Transcaucasian country with unique customs and traditions. Tourists love it, first of all, because of its history and mountains, which are a treasury of secrets of the ancient peoples of Urartu, who once lived here. After all, it was here that the first human DNA was found.

Armenia has beautiful nature, many shrines from the beginning of Christianity, and the largest collection of ancient manuscripts.

Unique musical instruments, ancient songs, interesting cuisine, and incredibly beautiful scenery - all this will make your trip unforgettable.

How to get to Armenia

You can get to this country by plane, train, bus and your own car. High-quality air connections are established here in almost all countries. As for the train and bus, you will need to travel by transfer.

You can drive into Armenia from two countries: Iran and Georgia. For this, you will need an international driver's license, a tourist visa, and your documents.

In Yerevan itself, you can rent a car from an international or local company. A mandatory condition for renting a vehicle here is an international driver's license and insurance.

Some customs rules of this country:

1) It is allowed to import no more than 50 packs of cigarettes;

2) It is forbidden to import more than 2 liters of any alcohol;

3) The value of your personal belongings must not exceed USD 500;

4) It is forbidden to import drugs, ammunition, and weapons, as well as precious stones and paintings without documents.

Note: the import and export of local currency are strictly prohibited.

How to obtain a tourist visa to Armenia

Armenia has established a visa-free regime with many countries. If your country is on the list, you only need a passport and insurance to travel.

In order to get permission to enter this country, citizens of some countries need a visa. It can be issued online, obtained at the embassy, or issued upon arrival.

Depending on the purpose of the trip, a tourist can issue a guest or transit visa. The second option is more suitable for those who do not plan to stay in Armenia longer than 3 days.

However, it is better to issue a guest visa.

Citizens of some countries can apply for a visa at the Yerevan airport immediately upon landing.

You can also apply for an entry permit on the official website 3 days before your upcoming arrival by filling out the necessary form. This service is available only to passport holders of a limited list of countries. Citizens of other countries issue a visa through the embassy.

As a rule, you will need the following documents:

1) International passport;

2) Questionnaire for obtaining a visa;

3) Color passport-size photo;

4) Receipt for payment of the visa fee;

Important: if necessary, the consulate may request from you other documents that confirm your financial status and the purpose of the trip.

What to see in Armenia

It is difficult to imagine Armenia without Ararat, the Great Cascade, monasteries, and singing fountains.

Regarding the first point, the mountain is a must-see for every tourist. It hangs over the Arake River and looks like something unearthly.

Tourists are also advised to visit the Great Cascade - systematically arranged stairs with fountains and flowers.

There are many monasteries and monuments of early Christianity and even earlier eras in Armenia. For example, Tatev, dates back to pagan times.

The singing fountains are located on Freedom Square in Yerevan. It is a very romantic and impressive place. Locals say that these fountains never get boring.

Areni Winery is located 120 kilometers from Yerevan. Yet this distance is worth your time. The winery looks more like a two-story villa than a factory. Here you can try different types of wine for free, as well as learn about the winemaking process.

But the most important thing in Armenia is the people who live here and their ancient traditions. You will never be sad or hungry here - hospitable and cheerful Armenians will feed and entertain you, for sure.