Rules for entering Andorra for the purpose of tourism: documents, traveling with animals and recommendations



Rules for entering Andorra for the purpose of tourism: documents, traveling with animals and recommendations

Andorra is a small European country of just over 460 mi. km, located in the picturesque Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain. Despite its small size, the country is very popular among tourists. Around 10 million people visit Andorra every year.

Andorra attracts tourists with the most beautiful views, excellent service, comfortable and cozy hotels, high-quality cuisine, and pleasant and cost-effective shopping. Andorra is also called the kingdom of snow because the country is famous for its ski resorts.

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Rules for entering the country

Andorra can only be entered through the territory of the neighboring countries it borders - Spain or France.

Andorra has its own particularities. The fact is that the country is not part of the European Union, nor is it a member of the Schengen countries. Instead, it has agreements with neighboring countries that allow tourists to transit through their territories to get to the Principality of Andorra. This simplifies paperwork significantly and makes travel easier.

If you are a citizen of an EU country, you do not need a visa or additional permits to travel to Andorra. You only need to carry your passport or another identity document to enter and leave the country.

Visiting Andorra for tourists living in non-EU but Schengen countries will require a valid passport.

Non-Schengen nationals will need a passport and a Schengen visa to cross the borders of Spain or France and enter Andorra.

Entry documents

Different categories of citizens have their own document requirements to visit the Principality of Andorra. Travelers must carry:

EU citizens


  • passport or another identity card;
  • Minors accompanied by parents:
  • passport or another identity card;
  • family book.

Minors accompanied by third parties:

  • passport or another identity card;
  • exit permit issued by the police station.

Non-EU citizens who do not need a Schengen visa to travel in Europe:

  • valid foreign passport.

Non-EU citizens who need a Schengen visa to travel within Europe:

  • valid foreign passport;
  • multiple Schengen visa.

Customs control at the border

Andorra is a duty-free zone, but you will have to comply with French or Spanish customs regulations when entering the country.

You will have to pass a customs check when crossing the border. In addition to the traditional ban on the importation of drugs and preparations containing drugs, weapons and ammunition without the appropriate permits, Andorra has restrictions on the transport of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, as well as agricultural and industrial products.

It is forbidden to export items and things of historical or artistic value from the country without a special permit. The import and export of currency are not restricted.

More detailed information on import rules and restrictions can be found on the Andorran government website, under Customs and Border Services.

Traveling with animals

For tourists planning to travel to Andorra with a pet, such as a cat or a dog, it is important to be properly prepared:

  • a cat or dog, it is important to be properly prepared.
  • the animal must be identified with a microchip;
  • the animal must be vaccinated against rabies;
  • an "Animal Passport" has to be issued;
  • an animal health certificate with a TRACES form (if the number of animals exceeds five).

For travellers from a non-EU country, a health certificate and customs clearance on entry to the EU is required.


It is possible to get around Andorra by public transport. But it is much more convenient to travel around the country in your own or hired car. To drive and enter the country by car, you will need an international driver's permit (IDP) in addition to your original driving license.

Cards and cash

In Andorra, you can pay in euros or dollars. Credit cards are also accepted almost everywhere, and cash is useful for paying for taxis and in small shops.