A tropical paradise for a freelancer: what better place to move to for a remote worker



A tropical paradise for a freelancer: what better place to move to for a remote worker

When you imagine a tropical island, Aruba, Jamaica, the Maldives, and others immediately come to mind. However, other, less popular islands are also attractive, especially when comparing price and quality. After all, which of the digital nomads would refuse the opportunity to work, sitting somewhere under a palm tree, sipping their smoothie, and looking at the ocean? No one. Let's take a look today at the best tropical islands for remote workers looking for the perfect mix of vacation and work.

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Previously, the inhabitants of the islands of Vietnam mainly earned money from fishing and selling agricultural products. But in recent years, tourism has begun to actively develop on islands such as Phu Quoc. However, housing is still cheap here. Fukuoka has many beautiful beaches, as well as a national park where island wolves and gibbons live. The infrastructure here is excellent, and a temporary residence permit can be issued without much trouble.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a combination of sun, sea, and cheap accommodation. If you dream of exchanging office days for life on a tropical island somewhere in the middle of the ocean, then Sri Lanka is perfect for that.

The main advantage of Sri Lanka is the warm weather. There is a beautiful ocean, a lot of delicious fruits, peace and quiet (especially useful for those who are tired of the metropolis).

Koh Lanta, Thailand

Freelancers often choose Thailand as a place to live temporarily. However, cities like Samui and Phuket are overcrowded with tourists, making them expensive, noisy, and very dirty. Therefore, such beautiful islands as Koh Lanta are more suitable for remote workers. Good weather prevails here almost all year round, there are inexpensive hotels, hostels, and apartments. In particular, housing here can be rented at a price of 300 dollars per month (and sometimes even cheaper).

You can work at home (the Internet is cheap here) or in special co-working centers, of which there are many at Koh Lanta.

As for transportation, it is better to rent a motorcycle at Koh Lanta - it will cost a couple of dollars per day.

Mujeres Island, Mexico

The Caribbean island of Mujeres is also called the "Island of Women". This is what the Spanish discoverer Francisco Hernández de Córdoba named it. The conquistador saw the idols of Ish-Chel, the goddess of the Mayan Indians. Today it is a tourist destination where remote workers can live comfortably. Spanish is spoken in Mujeres, but most people speak English well.

The island is known for its colorful beaches, and pleasant prices, here you can swim with colorful fish among coral reefs. Isla Mujeres has located only 13 km from Cancun, so you will not feel cut off from civilization.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

One of the best, but little-known, spots for remote employees is one of the Canary Islands called Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.  Many emigrants live here, and they welcome newcomers, including freelancers.

For digital nomads, it has everything here - rich nightlife, excellent infrastructure, beautiful landscapes, and a large selection of inexpensive housing for short-term rent. The island is best suited for those who do not tolerate tropical heat: in the hottest weather, the temperature here does not exceed 27 degrees Celsius, and in the cooler period it stays between +21 and +27.

It is also a very convenient island for those who enjoy cycling - renting a bike here costs a few euros per day, and there is a good infrastructure with hundreds of well-maintained bike paths. You can also rent a car or go by bus.

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