Work and employment in New Zealand: immigration programs and visa processing

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Work and employment in New Zealand: immigration programs and visa processing

New Zealand consistently holds the top spot in international rankings of the best countries in the world to live in. Unemployment of less than 5%, lack of corruption and economic freedom all make New Zealand an ideal place to live and build a career. Employment advantages will also include such distinctive features of New Zealand's corporate culture as respect for personal space, the friendly attitude of superiors towards subordinates, the lack of piety towards management, and tolerance for cultural peculiarities.

Jobs for foreigners in New Zealand

Local work experience is highly valued in New Zealand. After all, qualifications and experience from other countries are simply not recognised by most New Zealand employers. So you can start with unskilled work, such as a handyman or in the service sector. Ultimately, the most important thing for foreigners in New Zealand is to demonstrate the ability to adapt and communicate with local people.
A high level of English language skills, confirmed by one of the international certificates, will be a significant advantage for the candidate. Seasonal work is also popular in New Zealand. As the country's agriculture is quite developed, workers are often needed to harvest crops on plantations and vegetable farms. Temporary workers can also find a place in the tourism and fishing industries.
New Zealand's portals like WorkHere, Seek and Working In New Zealand can help with the job search. Professionals in the following fields are most in demand in the New Zealand job market:
Representatives of certain professions must additionally undergo state registration. It’s the name of a special procedure during which certain documents must be submitted and qualification examinations must be passed. This applies to:
medical professionals;

New Zealand labour immigration programme

The New Zealand Government has developed a special Skilled Migrant Category programme to attract overseas professionals with high skills and work experience. Selected participants may be able to obtain national resident status on a simplified basis. Applicants must be in good health, speak English and have a clean criminal record. To participate, you must register on the website of the Immigration Service. Each applicant is scored with a certain number of points for the availability of education, work experience, signed contract with an employer, a study in New Zealand, etc.

Work visa to New Zealand

From July 2022, the rules for entry in New Zealand have changed. The six categories of work visas that previously existed have been replaced by a single accredited employer visa. This can be obtained upon confirmation of employment from the employer. Now prospective employees must demonstrate compliance with the employer's requirements in terms of skills, experience, personal qualities etc. required for the selected vacancy. Further details on the conditions for obtaining a work visa are available on the New Zealand Immigration Service website.
A work visa is issued for up to three years for a fixed average salary. But if the employer pays less than 27 New Zealand dollars per hour, the visa will be valid for no more than 2 years. By the way, after 2 years of working in New Zealand on an Accredited Employer visa, representatives of certain professions can count on a permanent residence permit. This visa also allows legal study for 3 months each year.