5 main reasons why you may be refused a Schengen visa

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5 main reasons why you may be refused a Schengen visa

A person applying for a Schengen visa is always worried about not getting a rejection. Therefore, before submitting the document, it is better to know all the nuances and reasons for refusal at the consulates in order to protect yourself from mistakes.

Reason number 1 is a criminal past

When submitting documents for obtaining a Schengen visa, a criminal record certificate is mandatory. This is due to the fact that the authorities of the countries of the Schengen Agreement care about the well-being of their citizens. If you have a criminal record even outside these countries, getting a Schengen visa is less likely.

Reason number 2 is financial constraints

When submitting documents, a certificate from the bank is required on the availability of sufficient funds in your account for accommodation for the period of stay and unforeseen expenses. Their number depends on the country to which you plan to go. For example, living in London will be much more expensive than, for example, in Tallinn. Therefore, it is better to put more money in your account to get a positive answer for sure.

Reason number 3 - there is no evidence that you will return home

In recent years, hundreds of thousands of migrants from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other war-torn countries have entered the Schengen zone.

The authorities of the countries of the Schengen Agreement are not interested in such a large number of migrants. Therefore, if the visa officers suspect that you are not really going to return home after the visa expires, they may refuse you.

Therefore, it is your task to provide proof of your return - a certificate of employment, ownership of the real estate, return tickets, etc.

Reason number 4 – insufficient number of documents

When collecting the necessary documents for applying for a Schengen visa, you must strictly follow the list. Even the lack of one document can be a reason for rejection. Therefore, we advise you to treat the collection of papers as responsibly as possible. It is better to provide even those documents that are considered optional. For example, if you confirm your future return to the Motherland with a work certificate, you can additionally provide a document confirming ownership of the real estate. This way, there is a better chance of assuring the visa officers that you will return home.

Reason number 5 is a lie

At the interview, visa officers will definitely ask you about the purpose of the trip, availability of funds in the account, real estate, and acquaintances in the Schengen area. Answer the questions honestly and do not show excitement. If it turns out that the information you provided was not true, the rejection will be 100%. In addition, no one will explain its reason.