Tips for tourists when visiting the colorful Bahamas: what you should definitely see



Tips for tourists when visiting the colorful Bahamas: what you should definitely see

The Bahamas is synonymous with a corner of paradise with stark-white beaches and a chic vacation by the sea. But this place is much bigger than comfortable hotels and charming bungalows almost by the water. The archipelago consists of more than 700 islands (only 30 are inhabited) and 2,500 reefs, so there is a lot to see!

Curiosities of the Bahamas

Acquaintance with the Bahamas usually begins with the most densely populated island of the archipelago — New Providence, which is almost completely occupied by the capital of the state, Nassau. It is one of three cities in the Caribbean that has the status of a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

Fun fact: Nassau is a popular city among film and music video directors. In particular, his landscapes and panoramas can be seen in a series of Bond films ("Thunderball", "Never Say Never Again" and "Casino Royale"), as well as in the music video "Help" by the Beatles.

Along with colonial architecture, ancient forts, the famous royal stairs, and other attractions of the city, Nassau it is worth visiting:

  • Downtown and Bale Street

The lively center of Nassau is distinguished not only by the variety of shops, cozy cafes, and restaurants. Its multicolored houses capture the eye and surprise with a variety of forms.

Ardastra Gardens and Wildlife Center

The tiny zoo, located in the center of Nassau, is home to more than 200 species of animals, including trained flamingos, as well as numerous representatives of the archipelago's unique flora.

  • Arvak Kay district

The colorful district of the capital is known not only for its bright houses and original decor. Its second name, Fish Fry clearly hints at its main attraction: seafood. No surprise! This is the best place to taste local culinary masterpieces, washed down with the legendary Bahama Mama cocktail.

  • John Watling Distilleries

If a cocktail combining dark and light rum is not enough, go to the place where this famous drink is made. It is located in the old Buena Vista estate, built in 1789 in the heart of Nassau. Here you will be introduced to the history of the "Spirit of the Bahamas" and treated to signature cocktails based on rum, which you can enjoy while looking at the panorama of the capital. The establishment has its own website.

  • Bennett's Hill

You can also admire the views of the city from the hill, which holds another tourist attraction —  a water tower.

  • The paradise island Atlantis

This corner near the capital is remarkable not only by a spectacular complex of pink skyscrapers with shell-shaped towers and a pavilion connecting the buildings. Named after the legendary island of Atlantis, this theme place has its own water park, aquarium, entertainment complex, and luxury hotel.

After the capital, it is worth visiting other islands of the Bahamian archipelago. In particular:

  • Abacos

A great place for boating (yachting, kayaking, etc.) and fishing. The small towns here have retained the charm and colonial architecture of the American Independence War. And the location of Green Turtle Cay is an incredible place for diving: the local Catacombs and coral turtle gardens are simply amazing.

  • Andros

The largest island of the Bahamas attracts untouched nature and the greenery of tropical plants. And also — with its famous Barrier Reef and Blue Holes National Park. This is one of the best places for scuba diving. Those who want authenticity can take a lesson in local painting on fabric technique from masters in the commune of Fresh Creek.

  • Eleuthera and Harbor

The tiny island of Harbor is completely occupied by the city of the same name, which has preserved monuments of New England architecture. Also here is the Pink Sands beach, which has a unique soft pink shade. There is a ferry to Eleuthera from here. It is worth getting to Lady Di's pineapple plantations (that's the name of their owner), Glass Window Bridge, and Queen's Bath. Preacher's Cave preserves samples of the ancient art of the Arawak tribe.

  • Long Island

In the Bahamas, it is not a cocktail (although it is served here), but a wonderful place with picturesque cliffs and plains, quiet beaches, and extremely beautiful reefs. There is everything for a good rest: one can lie under an umbrella, visit the oldest church of the archipelago, ride a boat, fish, and dive scuba (including diving into the underwater cave "blue hole" type, which is the second deepest in the world).


The Commonwealth of the Bahamas (this is the official name of the country) is located in two climate zones: tropical and subtropical trade winds. In summer, it is hot here, and storms and hurricanes are not uncommon. But during the high season, which lasts from September to May, the weather is perfect. Clear sky, bright sun, and due to gentle trade winds, thermometers show a comfortable 20-25°C.

Tourist note

The Bahamas are part of the Commonwealth of Nations under the auspices of Great Britain, the head of state is the British monarch, thus the official language is English.

All the inhabitants of the islands are engaged in tourism, so here you can ask almost everyone how to get to this or that place or ask for advice.

Islands are often divided according to the type of activities: Abaco, Andros, and Cat are considered the best for family vacations, and eco-tourists are recommended to come to Inagua.

The national currency is the Bahamian dollar (BSD or B$). American dollars (USD) and traveler's checks are also accepted (to avoid unnecessary problems, accept or give checks in US dollars).

A trip to the islands will cost you a penny: even with a moderate travel plan, 1 day here will cost $100 USD on average. After all, the prices here are for tourists, and all the staff (administrators, porters, maids, waiters, etc.) are waiting for a tip.

Fishing is subjected to a fee per trip. Arbitrary fishing is considered poaching. Fishing with harpoons or other similar equipment is strictly prohibited.

The voltage in the local network is 120V (60 Hz). At the same time, the sockets have flat horns (as in America), so you should take care of the adapter in advance.

Visa to the Bahamas

The Bahamas does not require a visa for visits of up to 30 days (although there are exceptions). But the set of documents depends on citizenship. Detailed information is presented on the country's official website.