What to see in Jordan: useful recommendations for travellers



What to see in Jordan: useful recommendations for travellers

The eastern state of Jordan is located on the banks of the famous Jordan River. The Kingdom of Jordan is washed by two seas: the Dead and the Red. The capital is the ancient city of Amman combined with the modern style of many buildings. A world of special colour, traditional hospitality, the highest quality of service, the best medical and health facilities, natural resources, cultural and historical potential, and delicious Jordanian cuisine. These are not all the components of this eastern country.

Jordan is a very popular tourist destination among travellers whose goal is to improve their health at the Dead Sea, beach holidays at seaside resorts, and explore the most ancient sights, some of which are associated with biblical stories.

The cuisine is an integral part of getting to know Jordan. As with other Middle Eastern countries, Jordanian cuisine is famous for its spices and variety of dishes, from meat to vegetarian. The food here is of Bedouin origin, and even today (which is certainly very interesting) most of the dishes are prepared using traditional cooking methods, from old utensils to special cooking methods that are not used anywhere else, such as dishes cooked in the sand.

The best resorts and top places in the country

1. The Dead Sea in Jordan is considered the source of all health, beauty, and balneological procedures. Rich in many useful elements (calcium, magnesium, rubidium, potassium, sodium, etc.) and healing mud, this is the most amazing body of water in the world and has no resemblance to any sea. Today, the Dead Sea coast is a whole medical base with modern hotels and picturesque landscapes. All hotels on the Dead Sea offer uniquely designed programs using all kinds of Spa treatments. Hot saunas, pools with warm seawater, and hydrogen sulphide baths are traditionally popular among guests. As well as a high level of service and delicious international cuisine. Due to the lack of youth infrastructure, there is always the calmest atmosphere for a comfortable stay.

2. The Red Sea is a well-groomed coast of the small cosy city of Akkaba. It is here that you can get a dose of vitamin D, sunbathe on clean white beaches and enjoy the diverse underwater world. In addition to beautiful coral reefs, octopuses, moray eels, and a whole family of colourful fish, everyone has a chance to see a sunken ship and a US military tank underwater. A great place for both beginners and experienced divers. Aqaba is not only a beach resort, but also a city with an interesting ancient past. It is here that the main attraction is kept. The ruins of the fortress of Aila, where, according to parables, the third Jewish king Solomon lived and ruled for a very long time.

3. The "pink" city of Petra, founded in 300 BC. era, deserves special attention. It is a whole architectural complex, in which temples, tombs, natural amphitheatres, palaces, streets, cafes, and other ancient buildings are cut into steep rocks. And they are carved from pink sandstone, thanks to which Petra got its name "Pink City". A whole oasis in the desert, the main attraction of which is also the temple of El-Khazneh (45 meters high), painted in the Greek style.

4. Moon Valley Wadi Rim. It is also the famous desert in Jordan, which is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Thanks to the forces of nature, a beautiful ensemble was formed here, created from canyons, vast valleys, caves, wells, and natural arches. This wonder of the world makes it possible to fly in a hot air balloon, ride a camel and even spend the night in a local Bedouin tent made of goat hair. The highest point of Wadi Rum is the Burda rock bridge, from which a landscape panorama opens. Also, interesting monuments will be the Nabatean Temple, the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, and the Well of Lawrence of Arabia.

Basic recommendations for travellers 

Stability and security are the main priority of this state of the Middle East. Here, not only the streets are carefully patrolled by police officers, but also local residents constantly monitor the order of their districts. From the top tips when planning a trip to Jordan:

1. When traveling around Jordan, always carry your passport and preferably a copy of your voucher.

2. Dress modestly. This applies not only to women but also to men, as this is an eastern country of strict religious customs. On the tour, we recommend dressing in light, most comfortable clothes and especially shoes.

3. Do not discuss religion and faith with the local population, respect traditions, and always maintain a polite tone of communication.

4. Jordan, is one of the many eastern countries that have suffered the consequences of coronavirus infection. Before traveling, we recommend that you clarify the rules for entering the country in connection with the COVID-19 restriction. 

5. When traveling to Jordan, take care of travel insurance.